Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The award-winning documentary film, “Louder than a Bomb” will be shown at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 18, free at City Island Library to celebrate the start of the Volusia County Young Poets Mentoring Program. The film traces high school poets who prepare and compete in poetry slam competitions.

The event will be hosted Volusia County Poet Laureate, Dr. David B. Axelrod, who has fund raised to coordinate the Mentoring Program. Students—ages 14 to 20—will be paired with established poets who will help them write, revise and collect together a group of poems. The results will be performance opportunities, anthology publication, and even the chance for the free publication of a first book.

“Many people think of poetry as a bit like plain popcorn—bland at best,” says Dr. Axelrod. “When people view ‘Louder than a Bomb,’ poetry is more like the new snack-food craze, Takis—pretty hot.” It’s not that young poets all want to slam, Axelrod explains, but the program will encourage experimentation and individual creativity.  

There will be an open mic to read poems after the film. Mentoring will be done on line—at the convenience of the students and mentors. There are no set times though it is also hoped that students and mentors can meet for workshops as well.

The event will provide details about the Mentoring Program as well as a chance to sign up. Young poets can fill in a form to apply and asked to bring copies of three poems to submit that will help place them with a mentor. City Island Library is located at 105 E. Magnolia Avenue, Daytona Beach. For more details, go to www.volusiapoetlaureate.com, email axelrod@volusiapoetlaureate.com, or call Dr. Axelrod at 386-337-4567.

Writer's Block Bookstore Hosts Loop Day

Writer’s Block Bookstore Present: Loop Day
Theme: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Location: Writer's Block Bookstore
Date: September, 3 2016
Time: 2pm- 6pm
Age range: All Ages
124 E. Welbourne Avenue, Winter Park, Florida


Winter Park, FL  On Saturday, September 3, Writer's Block Bookstore will host a Loop Day party in honor of the day celebrated in Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The event will be SEPTEMBER 3 from 2PM – 5PM and is intended for all ages and will celebrate the release of Tales of the Peculiar in correlation with the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children film release.

Arriving mere weeks before the Tim Burton helmed movie adaptation hits theatres on September 30, 2016, Tales of The Peculiar will have a first print run of 1,000,000 copies. September 3 is known to the legions of fans of Ransom Riggs’s #1 bestselling Miss Peregrine series as ‘Loop Day.’ In the story, Miss Peregrine’s home is located in a September 3, 1940 time loop. Every day, the clocks reset just before the peculiars’ island home is bombed by German forces, keeping them forever safe from catastrophe.

When the September 3rd time loop lines up with the actual calendar day, September 3, All of the holidays of the year are celebrated. For Writer’s Block Bookstore’s Loop Day celebration, we will be throwing a party for all holidays and will be hosting a variety of games with prizes and give-a-ways.

Event will take place September 3 from 2pm – 5pm

For those who are hoping to pre-order Tales of the Peculiar, can be directed to the following link: http://www.writersblockbookstore.com/book/9780399538537

About Writer's Block Bookstore
A community bookstore in your neighborhood. We have been located off of Park Ave for almost two years and have been bringing your favorite authors into town. We curate our stock based on the community’s wants and needs, but always have the latest releases. We have your favorite book. 

Book News: Bubby the Baker by Kandi M. Siegel

Kandi M. Siigel is pleased to announce that her newest picture book Bubby the Baker is now ready for pre-sale orders.  
This is a 32 page fully colored book geared for children preschool - first grade.  It's about a Jewish woman who loves to bake so much that she decides to open her own bakery.  Page by page, Bubby shows off all her goodies that she sells in her store.  At the end of the book there are a couple recipes that you can make at home. The cost of this book is $10.00 for local people (price includes tax) and $13.00 for out of towners (price includes tax and shipping cost).  She take checks and charge cards. 
As an introductory pre-sale offer, she is taking $1.00 off.
For locals, it will be $9.00 and for out of towners $12.00
But hurry, as this offer is only good until August 31st.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Return to Earth

Return to Earth
The Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors, released its second project, Return to Earth, on August 15th. Return to Earth is an online anthology of science fiction short stories and novellas, tackling the premise of aliens making contact with Planet Earth. A tried and true premise, but with a twist; the aliens are human.

The stories are individually available on Amazon.com and do not need to be read in any particular order; each story is an entry point into the overall story.

Return to Earth stories and authors are: 

AOB by Bria Burton.
The Paradoxical Man by Bard Constantine.
“Children of the Stars” by Charles A. Cornell.
“Project Bright Star” by Kristin Durfee.
Recovery by Veronica Helen Hart.
Coming Home by John Hope.
“Someday Loyal” by Elle Andrews Patt.
“Social Experiment” by Tracie Roberts.
Gaia Returning by C.L. Roman.

For additional info about the stories and authors, visit the website: www.alvariumexperiment.wixsite.com/returntoearth
Facebook Fan Page: The Alvarium Experiment

Book News - Nautical Twilight by I. Jean Pastula, PhD

'Nautical Twilight', The Sea Of souls, where the silent bell doth toll is the title of I. Jean Pastula's new book. It is published by It is a compilation; Reference excerpts from the files of myself. It is published by Author House. Many of her  books are considered fiction, however, contain non-fiction research and personal drama like bits of a memoir. Writing also under her first name, Ima and a pseudenome of C. C. Cotton, her books can be found on Amazon.com.

As adjunct faculty professor at a local college in Andover, Maryland, before retirement, Pastula  taught 'Writing From the Heart'; courses in using the imagination to complete a story. She also spent many semesters conducting seminar type courses in personal dynamics;' a search for the true self through self-analyses techniques of journal writing and hypnotherapy.

Pastula is also an artist who studied under many master artists. She is an active copyist of the old masters of oil paintings. She founded Amber Studios within the Hennegar Center  in Melbourne, Florida, after settling in Florida upon retirement.

Her latest book on Kindleis  Here's To Harry, The once was. It is now available as an in loan'category meaning when you finish the read you can loan it to a friend, a special offer.

Diving with Sharks by Gordon England

Diving with Sharks is Gordon England's new release featuring a collection of outdoor adventures, fishing, and hunting short stories. Available in paperback and Kindle at http://amzn.to/17KP81v   

Meet the Authors' Book Fair

A heads up regarding the Meet the Authors' Book Fair.
It will be on November 19 & 20, 2016 all day at the Eau Gallie Civic Center.
Registration will open on 09/01/16.

Watch for more details~

~  Valerie Allen  ~

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Eastern Florida State College to host year 3 of Supplemental Writing Courses for students, faculty, staff and the general public

Award-winning local author Jaimie Engle will be teaching in the writing center of Eastern Florida State College - Melbourne Campus for the 2016-2017 school year. These classes are supplemental to the state required Communications 1 and Communications 2 course schedule, although they are geared for all writers ages 13 and up.

“I have heard nothing but positive compliments about Jaimie’s writing seminars,” shares Sharon Cronk-Raby, Melbourne Writing Center Coordinator of EFSC Melbourne Campus. “Her positive demeanor and conversational presentation style allow the audience to be set at ease, which further allows participants to absorb the wealth of knowledge shared during these sessions.”

The course beginning on Tuesday, August 23rd and repeated on Wednesday, August 24th will run during the months of August, September, October, November, January, February, March, and April from 11-12 Tuesday and Wednesday and from 6:30-7:30pm on Tuesday nights. 

Course includes:

o       Basic Writing

o       Pre-Writing

o       Post-Writing and Publishing

o       Crafting Voice

o       Genre and Writing Tools

o       Finding Ideas

o       Writing for the Real World

o       Building Tension

“Jaimie Engle's workshops have helped me improve my writing in ways I never could have dreamed,” shares Nathanael Boring, former student and Phi Theta Kappa Chair, EFSC Melbourne Campus. “With her incredible teaching and valuable insight, I am now on the threshold of publishing my first of many stories. I wouldn't be even close to the writer I am today without her!”

The free 8-month long program is open to the public and held in the college writing center at 3865 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, Fl  32935. Engle will have her books on hand for purchase. Freebies for all participants and opportunities to win prizes valued more than $100 for perfect attendance each semester. Pre-register at awriterforlifecoach@gmail.com (not required).

About the Author

Jaimie M. Engle is a freelance writer and the owner of A Writer For Life, an editing and coaching service for aspiring writers. Her work has appeared in Writer’s Digest and Clubhouse Jr. Magazine, and she published her anti-bullying children’s book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light in 2013. Engle is an anti-bullying ambassador, conference speaker, freelance teacher, and writing volunteer at local libraries and elementary school programs. Follow her at www.jaimiengle.com and hire her at www.awriterforlife.com.

Southwest Florida Meeting of the Florida MWA

The next Southwest Florida meeting of the Florida MWA will be Saturday September 10th featuring a craft talk by author Rhonda Mason <http://www.rhondamason.com/>. 

All meetings start at 1pm. We meet in room 108 of the L-building at Florida SouthWestern State College - adjacent to the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. I will put up signs inside. Check the Lee Campus map for more details here<http://www.fsw.edu/about/maps

You are allowed to park in Lot 7 next to the L-building (usually reserved for faculty) on Saturday, even if there is an event going on at BB Mann. Check the map.

You do not have to be an MWA member to attend this meeting - although MWA membership materials will be available - invite your fiction writing friends.

We will meet for lunch before each meeting at 11:30 at Jason's Deli - 13550 Reflection Parkway, Fort Myers. It's off Cypress Lake Drive near the FSW campus.

Contact Michael L. Joy with questions: <author.mljoy@hotmail.com>

Michael  L. Joy

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Writing Detail and Description Coaching Program with Patricia Charpentier

Want your stories to come to life on the page? Want your readers to see, taste, feel, smell, and hear your memories? Want your writing to feel fresh and new? Then, I have just the answer for you. 

The easiest way to improve your writing tenfold rests in using detail and description. No problem, you say. I’ll just throw in a few extra adjectives and adverbs. Well, that’s one way, but it’s not the best way to make your stories more vivid. 

Detail and description takes advantage of all our senses, not just sight, using specific words, and incorporating metaphor and simile while avoiding cliché. It may sound daunting, but when you know how to do it, you add another dimension to your writing and give your readers a complete experience. 

Join me for my next coaching program, Writing Detail and Description, which begins Tuesday, September 6th with a get-acquainted call for all participants.

Writing Detail and Description combines ten or more instructional videos you access online at your convenience, including: 
  • Writer’s Block
  • A Bit of Inspiration
  • Not Just Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Specificity
  • Sensory Detail
  • Cliché
  • Scent and Memory
  • Historical Context
  • Simile and Metaphor
  • Writing with Photographs
  • Perfectionism
 In addition to the videos, you receive: 
  • exclusive access to an online community where you can post your stories, request feedback, ask questions, respond to fellow participants’ stories and comments
  • group coaching calls
  • individual coaching
  • outlines, worksheets, handouts, and other written materials to complement the training modules
  • random notes of encouragement and writing tips to keep you on track
  • on-demand access to training modules to review at your leisure for six full months
  • incentives to those who participate fully in the program
  • and much, much more
You may be thinking: Wow, a program that includes this much must cost a fortune! It should, but it doesn’t. I want as many people to participate as possible, so I’ve deliberately kept the price down. If you sign up for the program before September 1st, you can be a part of Writing Detail and Description for just $129. Hurry, though, because after September 1st the price goes up to $149. 

Plus, Writing Detail and Description comes with a money-back guarantee. Go through the first two modules, do the work recommended, and if you find the program doesn’t meet your needs, just let me know, and I’ll refund your payment in full. No questions asked. 

If you’ve previously participated in any Writing Your Life coaching programs—Finish My Book in 90 Days, Get Started-Write My Story, Writing People and Places, Edit Like an Expert, Electronic Editing—you may be eligible for a special discount. Contact me at patricia@writingyourlife.org to find out and possibly receive a promotional code to obtain the reduced price.

Sign up today and learn how to make your stories come to life by Writing Detail and Description!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Thanks so much to Gene Hull for renewing participation as a Friend of Florida Book News.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Please click on Gene's badge in the right column to read about his books.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Show, Tell, Write presented by Patricia Charpentier

Remember when you were in first grade, and you brought a treasure to school to share in show and tell? That was loads of fun, so why should such a time be available only for kids?
Welcome to show and tell for big people, with a twist. Join the fun this Tuesday, August 16th for Show, Tell, Write presented by Patricia Charpentier each month in conjunction with Bookmark It, Orlando’s independent bookstore, and Infusion Tea, College Park’s award-winning tea and vegetarian cafe.

Come early and grab a tasty meal and cup of tea before the fun begins at 6:30 p.m. Bring in a memento or item from your past or present each month (or photos, if the objects are too large) that is meaningful and holds many memories. Then, take a few minutes to share the item with the group and tell its story and significance to you.

Then, after being given a bit of instruction, we’ll write for a few minutes about the object you brought in or some other story you’d like to tell. You’ll learn how to write vivid descriptions, convey sentiment, and detail the item’s history and importance. No previous writing experience is required for this fun, hands-on event.

Don’t want to talk about your treasure? No problem. Bring it with you anyway; come, listen, write, and be a part of the group.

Before you head home around 8:00 p.m., check out Bookmark It’s great selection of books on site in Infusion Tea, 1600 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804.

Florida Heritage Book Festival to offer two workshops for youth

Calling future poets and graphic novelists! 
Florida Heritage Book Festival to offer two workshops for youth
Young students can learn first-hand the art of poetry and developing graphic novels, as part of the 2016 Florida Heritage Book Festival. Florida Poet Laureate Peter Meinke and artist Jeanne Clark Meinke will offer a hands-on poetry session for eight to 12-year-olds and acclaimed graphic novelist Andre Frattino will teach teenagers the nuts and bolts of the graphic novel industry on Saturday, Sept. 17.
“These children’s sessions are the first ones we’ve had to-date,” Jim Wilson, executive director of the festival, said. “They will give students the chance to experience first-hand the creative craft, by leading artists in their fields.”
Peter Meinke has published eight books of poems in the prestigious Pitt Poetry Series, his most recent being Lucky Bones” (2014).  In addition, he has published two children’s books and eight poetry chapbooks; His work has appeared in Poetry, The Atlantic, The New Republic, The New Yorkerand dozens of literary magazines; and has received numerous awards, including two National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Fellowships, three prizes from the Poetry Society of America, two O’Henry Awards, and many others. He directed the Writing Workshop at Eckerd College for several decades, retiring in 1993. Some of his work, including his third children’s book “The Elf Poem,” has been illustrated by his wife Jeanne Meinke, who was a regular contributor to The New Yorker in the 1980s and 1990s.
For the Meinke’s poetry session, they will provide students tips on how to start writing, how they generate their own ideas and how to enjoy the process.
“Children can expect to learn that they can become writers and artists like us,” Peter said. “It's not magic, but a matter of sitting down with blank paper and trying something out. If they enjoy it (as we did when we were children), they can keep doing it, improving their skills as they grow, like anything else.”
Frattino, the artist leading the graphic novel session, is also a native of Florida. Since 2012, he has published his ongoing Florida-based graphic novel series, including titles “The Reaper of St. George Street,” “Lost Souls of Savannah” and “The Vampirate of Matanzas Inlet.”
For his session on developing a graphic novel, Frattino will provide an overview of the art and history of comic books and will teach teenagers the critical foundation for publishing their own work.
Frattino attained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009 and his master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Florida in 2013. He continues to write for comics and children’s books and has worked for clients including award-winning author Shelley Fraser Mickle, The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Foundation and Firehouse Subs. 
Three-hour long sessions will be offered for both poetry and graphic novel genres on Saturday, Sept. 17. The poetry session, open to eight to 12-year-olds, will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The graphic novel session, open to 13 to 18-year-olds, will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Each session is $20 per participant and registration is required. Visit http://fhbookfest.com/childrens-sessions for more information or to register.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Little Goldie Finch by Ted Schellhas

Ted Schellhas is a successful businessman and real estate investor.  Little Goldie Finch is his first in a series of children's books on success.  A firm believer in the law of attraction, he has made it his mission to teach children how to set and achieve their goals.
After living in some other, poverty stricken countries, and seeing how the children (including his wife's nieces and nephews) are raised, he decided to make it his life's mission to do what he can to help children learn what it takes to break out of poverty.
His goal is to help ready children for the real life. Specializing in teaching childen how to succeed, his books help teach children how to make goals, how to plan to accomplish these goals, and to have faith in themselves, so they can accomplish their goals.
He does not want children to grow up and feel that they have to be poor, because they were born poor. Throughout a child's life, they are constantly being told what they can not do, but schools nor most people ever take the time to show them what they can accomplish in life. Using the principals of people like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and in fact almost every wealthy person in the world, he helps children start on a path to accomplish things they never dreamed possible.
View This Book Online At:
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/little-goldie-finch-schel...