Friday, December 19, 2014

Valerie Allen, psychologist, speaker, and author has published 'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume One.

The short stories in this collection focus on small, and the not so small, events in the lives of ordinary people. Readers will laugh and cry as they encounter the twists and turns of dealing with everyday life. Each story explores our common and universal experiences and follows the emotional ups and downs of relationships. The reader will wonder at the foolishness and the wisdom, of old and young alike, as their decisions and actions forever shape the course of their future. 
Contents include: Split Second Timing, Puppy Love, No Goin' Home, A Mother's Love, A Marriage of Convenience, I Remember Momma, Leisureville, Potty Talk, Mother Knows Best, Second Chance, The Penalty Box, and Home for the Holidays.
'This Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume One is available as a book, an ebook, and in LARGE PRINT editions.

~ Valerie Allen ~                                

Four Days with Hemingway's Ghost by Tom Winton

With more than 300 outstanding reviews on Amazon alone, it seems many readers are finding Jensen Beach author Tom Winton's Four Days with Hemingway's Ghost to be hugely inspirational. The suspenseful book has been an Amazon bestseller several times and climbed as high as #18 on the Barnes & Noble chart.     

After big-time Hemingway fan Jack Phelan falls into a coma following an accident, he somehow finds himself in Key West, Florida, literally rubbing shoulders with his longtime hero. 

The legendary author has been sent down by “The Main Man in the clouds” to see if Jack has what it takes to write a book for Him. And though Hemingway knows that his findings may very well determine whether Jack lives or dies, he doesn’t have a clue that the book is going to be about him. 

Over the next four days, Jack and Hem not only knock around Key West but they also travel to some more of the legendary author’s old haunts. Together the two meet up with many of Hemingway’s long gone friends and have some rollicking good times. But during their journey they are also forced to go nose to nose with some things that are not at all fun and games. They both face highly-emotional tests of strength as well. But wait. That’s not all. After their time together ends is when things really get out of hand.

About the Author
Said to be a man who writes with his pen dipped in his soul, Jensen Beach author Tom Winton has been listed as one of Amazon's Top 100 "Most Popular Authors" in both Literary Fiction and in Mystery, Thriller and Suspense. 

Tom's novels have been likened to such classics as Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird and more. His titles are Beyond Nostalgia, The Last American Martyr, Four Days with Hemingway's Ghost, Within a Man's Heart, A Second Chance in Paradise, and a short story collection The Voice of Willie Morgan.




Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Events at Murder on the Beach Bookstore January 2015


Thu Jan 15 at 7 pm.  James W. Hall will speak and sign Big Finish $25.99.

Fri Jan 16 at 7 pm.  Tami Hoag will speak and sign Cold Cold Heart 27.95.

Book Clubs
Sun Jan 18 at 3 pm.  The Sunday Sleuths book club will discuss Robert B. Parker's Lullaby by Ace Atkins 9.99.

Tues Jan 20 at 630 pm.  The Tuesday Murder Club will discuss Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz $9.99.

And coming in February:
Feb 10 Tim Dorsey
Feb 13  Gregg Brickman
Feb 24  Charles Todd
Feb 25  David Putnam
Feb 28  Vicki Delaney


Monday, December 8, 2014

America: Where Great Things Happen by Donald L. Gilleland

About the book

Every single day, wonderfully exciting things happen in our country, but you would never know it from the news coverage.  The philosophy that seems to drive headlines is:  “If it bleeds, it leads.”

We are blasted out of our chairs daily by television commentators announcing “breaking news,” which is almost always negative, and sometimes rehashed old news. 

You won’t find that in America: Where Great Things Happen.  Instead, you will find uplifting and inspirational tales that will bring a smile to your face and make you feel proud to be an American.

You will find coverage of incredibly talented young people and exciting senior citizens who do things you would never expect; corporations and community organizations that feel a sense of responsibility to the public; good Samaritans and organ donors who risk their lives to save people they don’t even know; Americans who overcame disabilities or wretched childhoods to achieve unimaginable success; and inspirational, humorous and encouraging stories that will just make you feel good to be an American.

            America: Where Great Things Happen is a feel good book!

About the Author

Politically independent, Don is a frequent contributor to Florida Today and TC Palm, both daily newspapers, and Vero’s Voice, a monthly community magazine. 

He has over 500 published articles in a variety of nationally and internationally circulated magazines and newspapers, and two published books, America: A Cultural Enigma, published in January 2014,  and America: Where Great Things Happen, published in November 2014. 

Don and his wife, Peggy, have been married for 55 years.  He is an Evangelical Christian who serves as an usher at the Calvary Chapel Melbourne/Viera church located in Viera, Florida. 

Both books may be purchased online at, and; or signed copies may be ordered directly from me at Click on America: A Cultural Enigma.  Online purchases will include a shipping and handling fee.  He sells America: A Cultural Enigma for $17.00, America: Where Great Things Happen for $15.00, or both combined for $30.

Event Honoring Three Florida Authors: Kay Williamson, George Fouke and Bob Silverman

Three Florida authors will be honored for their creativity at 2 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 11 in the Cocoa Beach Library's Jane von Thron Room.

Kay Williamson, George Fouke and Bob Silverman will share tips that helped them get their dreams of becoming authors onto the printed page with their panel presentation, “Never Stop Creating!”

Sponsored by Silk Oak Publishing LLC, the event will honor these three authors who continue to create as they enter their eighth decade. Publishers Karlene Conroy and Mia Crews will lead the panel discussion and a question and answer session.

Kay Williamson recently released her ninth mystery novel Murder in the Mountains and also won the General Federation of Woman's Club's first-prize ribbon for all twelve districts of Florida for her watercolor "Tea and Cherries."

George Fouke, Ph.D. was raised in six foster homes but found opportunity at every turn in America. After earning degrees, Professor George L. Fouke taught interdisciplinary studies and became chairman of the department of Politics at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, North Carolina. He is the author of Damn the Warocracy: A Plea to Restore American Democracy; and Who is Killing the Republican Party?

Bob Silverman was a sucessful dentist when he decided to give up the manacles of employment and sailed across the North Atlantic to seek adventure. He describes his adventures in a series of ebooks, A Pause in the Azores, Storm, Rumbles from the Azores, Tiago and Good Boat Stories.

Crackers and Oranges by Carmen Beecher

This memoir is a story of life in a small town before computers, cell phones, GPS, and water bottles in plastic. It is a tribute to a different way of life, a slower time, and some incredibly strong people who survived the Great Depression and World War II by sheer determination and hard work.

About the Author

Carmen Beecher had a career working for the Air Force and a life far from Dundee, Florida, where she grew up. She penned this memoir to ensure that her family history will not be lost. She relates the story of the Suarez and Stone families with humor and quirky illustrations. Sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, it is a true story of the way things used to be in a small Cracker town in Central Florida in the fifties.

Available on Amazon 

Sunday, December 7, 2014


                 3-HOUR SEMINAR

For beginning authors interested in writing and publishing fiction, non-fiction and memoirs

When:   Saturday, January 31, 2015,  9 a.m. – 12 Noon

Where:  Holiday Inn Viera, Conf. Center
               8298 N. Wickham Rd, Viera, 32940

Cost:      $30 per person

This three-hour seminar and workshop will provide new authors with the basic details on how to get started on a book.  Topics to be covered, but not limited to:

Rules for structuring and writing fiction and non-fiction
Plot, setting and character development
Acquiring an agent
Getting published
Marketing your books

Instructor:  Marshall Frank is a retired captain/homicide investigator from the Miami-Dade Police Department, now the author of twelve books, including six novels, one book of memoirs, four books of non-fiction and one book for writers. Visit web site at:             Ph:   321-254-3398