Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Zap Bang' concludes trilogy with lightning-laced storm-chasing adventure

 Lightning is Florida's top weather killer and still a source of mystery for scientists. One of their areas of study is upward lightning — bolts that travel skyward from tall objects such as wind turbines — a phenomenon that can damage these energy sources, which are springing up all over Tornado Alley.

This type of lightning especially concerns the storm chasers in Zap Bang storm chaser and writer Chris Kridler's third novel in the Storm Seekers trilogy of storm-chasing adventures. The story opens on Florida's Space Coast and continues with adrenaline-filled storm chases in Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

"I've been a storm chaser for 18 years, and one of the most underrated dangers of the chase is lightning. It's unpredictable and deadly," Kridler says. "It also makes for a great natural foe for the characters in my novel, who have to confront both tornadoes and lightning during a research project in Tornado Alley."

Zap Bang brings back expert tornado chaser Jack Andreas, who's invited to join a lightning study. Tornadoes plus lightning equals double the danger; as he sees it, what's not to love? He's intrigued by the job and fascinated by pilot Maribeth Lisbon, who must fly a research plane into the zap zone. Maribeth suspects he's trouble, especially when his charms set off all her alarms. In their way are scheming TV chaser Brad Treat and down-on-his-luck adventurer Aurelius Zane, intent on filming a wedding in front of a twister. The eccentric billionaire who funds the study has a secret agenda. And a mystic with a food truck tests them all. As fearsome storms put them in mortal peril, Jack and Maribeth find their toughest challenge may lie within.

This entertaining novel, the sequel to Funnel Vision and Tornado Pinball concludes the Storm Seekers trilogy with action, drama, humor and romance.

It also draws on reality. The story's storm chasers use high-speed cameras that shoot lightning at such a high rate that you can see every lightning leader and branch as it unfolds. And the pilot flies an A-10 Warthog, a warplane that's been converted for research. The National Science Foundation is currently refurbishing such an airplane to study severe storms and hurricanes.

Kridler, a veteran journalist and photographer as well as a novelist, has worked at Florida Today, The Baltimore Sun and The Charlotte Observer, covering space, features and the arts. Her photos have appeared in magazines and on book covers; she was featured in Popular Photography; and her video has appeared on numerous television shows. She won the Best Documentary award at the 2011 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival for her short film "Chasing Reality," about the realities of storm chasing.

Originally from Pennsylvania, she went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and lives on Florida's Space Coast.

About the book:
Zap Bang, Storm Seekers, Book 3 (Sky Diary Productions, 322 pages)
Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0-9849139-6-1
Retail price: $14.95 trade paperback, $2.99 various e-book formats
Connect: Twitter @chriskridler;;; Google+ChrisKridler

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Holocaust Survivor Recounts Hiding as a Christian to Escape Nazi Persecution Christian by Disguise – A Tale of Survival by Erna Kamerman Perry

Delray Beach, FL -  Erna Kamerman was just three years old in 1939 when war broke out and came crashing through thedoor of her native Poland, disrupting and forever changing her life and that of her family. Despite the trauma suffered atsuch a tender age, she vividly recalls her experiences of moving to a Jewish ghetto, hiding from the Nazis and escapingwith her mother through the night to live another day. She shares her early memories of being a Jewish child in war-torn Europe in an engrossing new book, Christian by Disguise – A Tale of Survival.

“Life kept me busy and I buried the memory of that time fairly deep,” said Erna Kamerman Perry, 78, from her home in Delray Beach, Fla. “But years have passed and those who have experienced the Holocaust are disappearing. Death is nolonger something far on the horizon but a frequent visitor to many around me. And so, it seems that I must take the chance of telling my story, a story that was a part of the horror my people experienced,” she added.

Because of the foresight of her parents who had young Erna learn Christian prayers while in hiding, she managed to lie and convince soldiers in a train station that she was a Polish Christian girl by reciting her prayers. She escaped with her mother to live in a rectory and convent, where her mother worked as a slave laborer. They remained there, disguised as Christians, through the rest of the war.

Christian by Disguise relates her harrowing ordeals of suffering hunger, living with fear and losing most of her family. It’s a true tale of survival, overcoming adversity and ultimate resilience. While numerous books exist about the Holocaust, there is nothing quite like Christian by Disguise. More than 70 years have passed since that formative event in the train station, yet Erna’s memories about her early experiences are just as sharp and vivid as if they happened recently.

According to Erna, who signed copies of her book at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum for readers in August, “I have no illusions that another thread in the weave of the narratives about the Holocaust will make any difference: The deniers of it will keep denying, the haters will keep hating, genocides will keep occurring. I only want my children, my (few) relatives, my friends, and those readers interested in the historical horrors of the 20th century to know that once there was a little girl who, through no fault of her own, had to lie and pretend so she could live to see another day.”

About the book:
Christian by Disguise – A Tale of Survival  by Erna Kamerman Perry
ISBN: 978-1-935232-78-0
Publisher: ComteQ Publishing
Date of publish: March 2014
Pages: 122
S.R.P.: $19.95

About the author:

A retired professor of Romance languages, Erna Kamerman Perry, 78, started writing her memoirs in 2013. Born in Poland, she came to the United States via Italy in 1951, and settled in Detroit, Mich., where she attended and graduated high school. She received a scholarship to Wayne State University, where she majored in Romance languages, ultimately receiving both her Bachelor’s and Master's degrees. Gifted with languages, Mrs. Perry speaks Polish, English, Italian, Spanish, German and a little Russian. She taught Spanish and Italian part-time while her two children were growing up and began writing textbooks with her husband, John, in 1972, which she continues to do. Their Contemporary Society text book is in its 14th edition. She and her husband currently reside in Delray Beach, Fla.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Blue Memories by Patrick Pesce

Retired Lieutenant and 23 year veteran of the New York City Police Department, Patrick Pesce, has penned a memoir titled, "Blue Memories," now released by Blue Note Books.  This is a captivating chronicle of struggles and experiences within the nation's largest police force during some of its toughest times, including his remarkable assignments with the famous Knapp commission investigations, working under Rudy Guliani.  Mr. Pesce is now a resident of Indian Harbour Beach.

 Mr. Pesce attended one of Marshall Framk's 2013 book writing seminars which provided him the confidence and tools by which to follow through in writing his first book.

 A book launch and speaking engagement by Mr. Pesce is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th, 3:30 p.m., at the Satellite Beach library. Don't miss it...come show your support. Autographed copies will be available.

Meanwhile, the book is now available in the Brevard Library system, as well as

Jaimie M. Engle to speak at Orlando book club late September.

 On Monday, September 29, 2014 from 7-9pm four local award-winning Young Adult Fiction writers will take the stage at Bookmark Its FREE monthly book club located in the APEX meeting space at the popular East End Market.  Perfect for fans of YA fiction AND educators looking for in-school visits by writing professionals, the evening will include a brief reading/presentation by each author, lively panel discussion, refreshments and fun door prizes!  Authors include:

Christina Farley, author of newly released (9/23/14) Silvern and Gilded (ages 12 up)

Amy Christine Parker, author of newly released (8/25/14) Astray and Gated (ages 12 up)

Christina Benjamin, author of The Geneva Project: Truth and newly released sequel (9/20/14) Secrets (for readers ages 12 up)

Jaimie Engle, author of Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light. (for readers ages 8-12)

Each author brings to the event their own unique stories and experience in the always-changing world of book publishing.  Fans of nationally distributed authors Farley and Parker will want to be first in line to pick up their latest releases and readers (and educators) will be excited to discover award-winning, yet self-published, authors Benjamin and Engle to add to their list.  Drawings for free audio books, swag and classroom copies will be up for grabs! 

For additional information, please contact

Sunday, September 14, 2014

From Wayward Cat Publishing- Two Books by Dianna Dann

Always Magnolia
by Dianna Dann
Amazon in print and on Kindle
Available in the new Kindle Unlimited program!
It was always Magnolia;
Only Magnolia would do.
A love story for the fractured and broken...
Bobby Jack Beaumont has been forgetting for as long as Magnolia has known him. It was easy to let him do it--nobody wanted to remember those things.
Now he's out in the scrub by the railroad tracks, lost and empty. He's forgotten all of it--everything. Even Magnolia.

If she reminds him, if she tells it just so...they can fix the past and he'll come home again.

But not every bad thing can be fixed by telling a different story.

 Wayward Cat Finds a Home
by Dana Trantham
Available at Amazon in print and on Kindle
A little cat with a BIG imagination!

Wayward Cat was born to a stray cat in Mrs. Person's garage. Soon, he's off to the adoption center to find a new home.

His chances of success are slim when no one wants him and he must go home with a volunteer.

Can he convince his new housemate, Squeakers, to let him stay?