Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Sea Glass Gift by Julie Rogers Martin

Julie Rogers Martin will be featuring her new novel, The Sea Glass Gift, at the book fair in the Eau Gallie Arts District on Nov. 17th.

Combining the intrigue of New Orleans, with the allure and science of glassblowing, Jenna’s story, based on a true one, is a tale of souls on the edge, which captures the hope that the broken bits of life, like shards of glass, can be transformed into spectacular displays of artistry. As a young adult, Jenna found solace from her pain in a New Orleans glassblowing studio as well as tutoring children in a nearby housing project. The transparency and defiant durability of the children remind her of the glass she is shaping and together they help her find meaning amidst the ambiguity of her sexuality, spirituality and strength. Now grown, Jenna relives the childhood memories that nearly destroyed her after being contacted by the son she gave up for adoption at birth. As they exchange letters, they uncover insights about the relations among fragility, transparency, and destruction in a world of persistent change.

Author Bio:

  Julie Rogers-Martin, an educator, has served at risk student for more than three  decades. The look of wonder and enchantment that appear in the eyes of student she encounters in after-school programs, summer day camps, and public school and church classrooms are what give her nourishment and inspiration. She especially loves spinning the wonders of science and spirituality into conversation-inspiring narratives. Julie is an Inter-Cultural Intelligence Facilitator, and is on the executive board of the inter-Faith Affiliations of Brevard County. She and her husband live in Melbourne Beach, Florida where their grown children often visit. 

You may contact Julie at at julierogersmartin@gmail.com.

 Her book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well as on her website: julierogersmartin.com

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