Saturday, June 9, 2018

You Are Valued Founder, Inspirational Speaker Releases Sixth Book on Self Improvement by Ricky Roberts

St. Petersburg, FL—Author and inspirational speaker Ricky Roberts III has published his sixth inspirational book, Healing the Wounded Child Within. Roberts, who himself overcame a difficult childhood, has written five other books about conquering life's challenges. Healing the Wounded Child Within focuses on helping readers stop negative cycles that hold them back.

 “By healing wounds from your past, you can free yourself from distractions that prevent you from living the peaceful, productive, and fulfilling life you deserve,” says Roberts, who connects with thousands of youths and adults every year. “I wrote this book to help people come to terms with their past, and change their future.” Roberts had a transformation of his own at the age of seventeen, when he was stabbed nine times during an altercation. While recovering, he contemplated how to use the abuse and trauma he'd been exposed to in a productive way. Since then, he's made it his goal to help people from all walks of life, and he regularly meets with people in a variety of settings—from high schools and conferences to maximum-security prisons.

He also founded the You Are Valued movement, to help everyone realize their self-worth. Healing the Wounded Child Within is available at your favorite online bookseller.

For more information contact: Ricky Roberts III 727.433.1311

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