Friday, June 8, 2018

The Bible and Politics, Weaving Biblical Principles into Politics by Walter Manning

The Bible and Politics, Weaving Biblical Principles into Politics by Walt Manning suggests that we stop shaping our faith by our politics and start molding our politics by our faith. Manning's book was release on June 7, 2018 and is available for $14.95 (e-Book = $3.99).

Summary Statement

In his seventeenth book, entitled, The Bible and Politics, author Walt Manning employs the use of humor as the delivery vehicle when approaching controversial issues encountered in the “art” of Washington politics. In his work, Walt challenges the reader by intertwining biblical principles with quotes from famous people, and in the process, champions the Bible as the "Gold Standard" that should be used in the political arena.

About the Author

Walter Manning is a Christian author of seventeen books. He served six years in the United States Air Force, and earned his B.S. & M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston, TX, where he graduated with high honors. His fifty-year career in the high-tech industry spanned engineering, marketing, sales, and program management.

Walt retired in 2009, as a senior manager, to write and speak of his faith. Walt’s a member of the National Honor Society, National Engineering Honor Society, and the National Electrical Engineering Honor Society. He is a semi-pro baseball umpire, who also enjoys music, reading, writing, creativity, tinkering, and keeping current with world events, particularly as they pertain to biblical eschatology.

 Manning is married to Magdalene. They are non-denominational, Bible believing Christians, whose faith in Jesus Christ has, and continues to be, the cornerstone of their marriage. Manning is married and has two children: daughter, Elise Ruth and son, Christopher David.

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