Saturday, June 2, 2018

Building Impressive Stories with CWHO

Saturday,June 16, 10 am - Noon
Murder On the Beach Mystery Bookstore
273 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Once we have a great story idea, we’re good for writing about 1/3 of the book before we run out of steam. We start again. Some of us have been starting again for years. We’ve got all these starts and very few finishes. What’s wrong? We have an idea but not a story. We’re going to learn how the Character-Wanted-However-Ongoing (CWHO) exercise helps us build an impressive story, one scene, or block, at a time. 

$25 per person.

About the instructor:
Christopher Hawke has a heart for teaching the craft of writing. Whether with groups, through content editing, or one-on-one writing coaching, his business is helping authors cross the finish line. His client roster includes well-known names, as well as aspiring authors. He has led a weekly critique group in South Florida for over 5 yearsand has a highly acclaimed video series and e-book the Craft of Writing available.

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