Saturday, May 5, 2018

Blueberries and Coffee: a poetry memoir with commentary by Julio Torres

The poetry memoir Blueberries and Coffee encompasses poetry written by Julio Torres when he was between the ages of 19-22, with added commentary as a 40-year-old. Themes range from surfing, college, punk-rock music, struggling through college, existentialism, politics. His 40-year-old brain meets his 20-year-old poetic brain. The commentary adds context to each poem, and shares revelations from the reflection – lessons learned from reflection, wisdom gained from reflection.
Julio Torres is a middle school teacher in Brevard County and has previously published a coming-of-age surfing thriller My Twisted SummerBlueberries and Coffee is his first non-story structure book.
Middle school students have raved about the book:
“This is an entertaining page turner that shows deep insight on meaningful poetry. The idea of commenting on a younger self is very creative.”
-          Isabella
“This is a great book from a man who has come so far in life. He has embraced his past. A great way to know a man is by poetry. I’ve learned so much about him now. The poems are diverse and all focus on life problems."
-          Connor

Blueberries and Coffee is available at LuLu

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