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Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore presents The Florida Authors Academy 2018

Writing Workshops for Tomorrow’s Authors

All workshops are $25 per person. 
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Saturday May 19, 2018,   10 am - Noon
Boot Camp for Writers. Writing fiction is tough. Almost 30 years of hard knocks are condensed into this two-hour session. Randy shares the no-nos he has learned during his history of writing fiction, no sugar-coating. Only the truth will do. $25 per person. Instructor: Randy Rawls

Saturday June 2, 10 am - Noon 
The Relationship Between Scenery and Place to Storytelling & Character Development.  This workshop will focus on Scenery and Place as integral parts of a novel or short story. These two narrative techniques root the story in a particular setting. $25 per person.  Instructor: Nina Romano

Saturday June 9,  10 am - Noon
Adding Depth to Your Characters. This course will teach you how to go deeper into your main and supporting characters. What are their desires, motivations, perspectives? What are the demons that haunt them?   $25 per person. Instructor: Solange Ritchie

Saturday June 16, 10 am - Noon
Building Impressive Stories with CWHO.  Once we have a great idea, we’re good for writing about 1/3 of the book, before we run out of steam. We start again. What’s wrong? Learn how the Character-Wanted-However-Ongoing exercise helps us. $25 per person.  Instructor: Christopher Hawke

Saturday June 23, 10 am - Noon
Write Your Memoir Story: Here’s What Happened!  This workshop will focus on the first two opening paragraphs of your own true story; an incident, a happening, a night in the past, or it could be yesterday when your story took another turn.  $25 per person. Instructor: Brenda Serotte

Saturday June 30, 10 am - Noon
Mastering Plot Twists.  The stories that keep people on the edge of their seats and up all night are filled with unexpected twists and turns. By integrating these elements at tactically sound moments, your stories will captivate readers with their unpredictability. $25 per person. Instructor: Jane Cleland

Saturday July 7,  10 am - Noon
Dialogue: The Voices in Your Head.  Believable dialogue establishes your characters as real people, and helps move your plot along. Wooden dialogue can destroy your story. This workshop will give you the clues and cues to make your characters come alive.  $25 per person.  Instructor: Elaine Viets

Saturday July 14, 10 am - Noon
Freelance Like a Pro.  In this day of downsizing and outsourcing, a magazine veteran will show you how to pitch, research, and produce relevant content that will make editors crave more - and keep you on top of their go-to list. $25 per person. Instructor: DJ Niko

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Saturday  July 21, 10 am - Noon
Point of View. Point of view is sometimes the most challenging aspect of writing fiction. The real difficulty is clarifying the focus of the story in the writer’s mind. This class will tackle the problem of allowing the action to carry the story forward. $25 per person.  Instructor: Mark Spivak

Saturday July 28, 10 am - Noon
Scrivener Basics: An Audience Interactive Live Demo.  The attendees will learn how to create and save a basic novel template in Scrivener for Windows and Mac, how to import documents into Scrivener, separate scenes, and manipulate text. $25 per person. Instructor: MJ Carlson

Saturday August 4, 10 am – Noon
Writing: It’s a Business.  Have you ever wondered why some authors are one hit wonders? That author forgot to mind their own business. Authors have to market themselves, keep abreast of social media, know their print run, and read their contract. $25 per person.  Instructor: Marcia King-Gamble

Saturday August 11, 10 am - Noon
Just the Facts, M’am.  You've crafted a spellbinding story. But that Civil War novel would be even better with descriptions of uniforms and rifles.  Here’s how to ensure critics will say your work isn't just a great read; it's all true!  $25 per person. Instructor: Eliot Kleinberg

Saturday August 18, 10 am - Noon
Fearless Writing: A Stress-Free Workshop.  Writing is easy and fun, provided we get out of our own way and let our natural talent and creativity take over! In this energizing workshop, Elizabeth will help you find the heart of the book you want to write.$25 per person.  Instructor: Elizabeth Sims

Saturday August 25, 10 am - Noon
Everyone Judges a Book by Its Cover.   A professional cover designer will explain and show the basics of images, layouts, good vs. bad photo-editing, fonts, dpi, and much more.  Even if you don't want to do your own cover, you need to know this.  $25 per person.  Instructor: Victoria Landis

Saturday September 8, 10 am – Noon
Break Through! How to Get Published.  Where do you meet publishers and agents? What are the dos and don'ts of approaching them?  What do you send a publisher or an agent? Should you self-publish? Prudy has the answers. $25 per person.  Instructor: Prudy Taylor Board

Saturday September 15, 10 am – Noon
Queries and Pitches.  This class will help you prepare that all-important plot synopsis for your query letter. We will also work on pitches so you're ready for a meeting with an editor or agent. Volunteers will be invited to pitch and get feedback. $25 per person.  Instructor: Alison McMahan

Saturday September 22, 10 am – Noon
Self-Publishing Made Simple.  Do you want to self-publish your work?  In this workshop, we’ll discuss setting up your own imprint, buying ISBNs, preparing your manuscript, creating front and back material, ebook and print formats, cover design, and marketing.  $25 per person.  Instructor: Nancy J. Cohen

Saturday September 29, 10 am - Noon
FL Authors Academy Has Talent!  Open mike for the attendees of the workshops to read from their work in progress and get feedback from three multi-published author judges.  Judges to be announced.  $25 per person to read. Audience is free admission.  Refreshments Served. 

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