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Former Refugee Launches her Book to Showcase Beauty, Self-Esteem, and Love

AUTHOR EVENT: Reception, Talk & Book Signing
with author Ferial Youakim Inspiring Author and Global Business Woman 
April 7th @ 11am

(Delray Beach, FL) On Saturday April 7th, Ferial Youakim, a former refugee, published author, global entrepreneur and image consultant will discuss her newly released book “Beyond Beauty – A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness” and sign copies for attendees at the Arts Garage, a non-profit visual and performing arts organization located at 94 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, Fl.  The memoir is Ferial’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment, from a childhood in a refugee camp to a successful business woman and global figure. Tickets are $30 and include refreshments and a copy of the Ferial newly released book. Tickets are available:

“I can educate you, show you, and tell you that you are beautiful, but you have to believe it, and keep that belief alive in everything that you do. You already are a masterpiece.”  –Ferial Youakim

Many born into a refugee camp would forever label themselves as a failure, and deem their lack of adequate education a tragedy that is enormous.  Only the extraordinary would overcome these challenges to rise tall, unbreakable and beautiful, destined to inspire the rest of us.

Ferial Youakim is an image consultant with a successful international business. Those who seek out her services do so with the intent that she will “make them beautiful” – indeed, like she is. However, Ferial is adamant that this isn’t at all what she does. She reminds them of their beauty.

Ferial wrote Beyond Beauty to tell the often-tragic details of her own story, of the occasions when she so badly wanted to just give up because the stress felt unbearable. 

The problem was that Ferial was working as an image consultant, convincing others of their beauty and unique selves, when she in fact was suffering crippling self esteem issues.

“On the outside, I was a strong woman and a symbol of hope, perseverance and determination, but on the inside, I was broken. It was only when others could see the strength that I did not know I had that I was able to change my focus and to start looking at the opportunities that had presented themselves to me. Because a lot of people looked up to me, being strong was my only choice,” Ferial Youakim

Ferial still considered herself “lost” when she became a mother to her three children – lost in Lebanon, searching for herself in Australia and eventually finding herself in the United States of America, when her husband received a stupendous job opportunity. 

However, partly because of her self-diagnosed remaining “thoughts of a refugee.” Ms Youakim regrets some of her behaviour and actions as a mother, and has even written a public apology to her children. However, as one reads Beyond Beauty they too may find her recollections and explanations as overly harsh, when they discover the opportunities and unrelenting love she has actually afforded to her children.

This is the perfect example of the shards of poor self-esteem that remain, even though most of them have been torn down by Ms Youakim so that she may live her life more fully and without reservation.

Ferial recalls a story when she and her siblings were children. Their father, a manual labourer, was always looking to save money whenever possible, on one family trip; her father could not afford the beautiful tiles in a shop. So by prior agreement, Ms Youakim’s father and all of his children were on their hands and knees searching for the various broken shards. They were all her father could afford, and upon gently placing them together, they would be beautiful and perfect in their own right.

“Those tiles were our flying carpet and also the reminder of the love he has for us, All these years later, I now discover that love and beauty are inseparable.” Ferial Youakim

REGISTRATION FEE: $30 per person includes a copy of the book “Beyond Beauty, A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness,” reception with refreshments & music, author talk, meet & greet and a book signing.

Ferial Youakim is an aspiring author who seeks to help people unlock their true self-worth. Her works recount her story and her journey through industries that primarily focus on image. Currently an image consultant, Ferial wants every single person to understand their own positive self-value. She has run many successful image seminars for various charity groups to either raise money or help women raise their self-esteem through feeling better about their image. Lastly, she founded the charity group “Mums on a Mission” which was a recipient of the NWS and National Gold Volunteer award from the National Health and Medical Research Center. A firm believer in her cause, she will not stop until everyone has discovered their beauty and beyond.

Ferial Youakim recounts her trials and tribulations from when she was just a child from the Middle East all the way through her time as an image consultant. Through her experiences, she discovers her true self-value and explains how her readers can unlock it too. Learn more:

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