Wednesday, February 28, 2018

News from Lauren Heintz

Author, Lauren Heintz, of Winter Park, FL, has announced she has submitted her new novel, The Grand Unraveling, to the Amazon Kindle Scout program in the hope of winning a publishing deal with Kindle Direct Publishing.

The Kindle Scout program allows readers to help scout out unpublished books and nominate them for a contract. Readers who nominate winning books get a FREE copy of the published eBook from Kindle. Selected authors get a small advance and a Kindle contract. Thousands of nominations are typically needed for a book to have a chance at being selected.

The Grand Unraveling, Lauren’s first novel, is a coming of age fantasy set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is the first book of an epic trilogy.

Book description: “Transcend or transfigure! Red gold magic is a gift to a chosen few, but a curse to all others. Can the land's last red gold wielders—two young embers—keep Castle Lavalor from being ripped out by its roots when they lack even the skills to protect each other? And how can they thwart an eternal menace lusting after their kingdom and the entire world when legions before them have been sent to their graves? When heroism isn’t enough, will love spark the gap? The Grand Unraveling is upon you!”

For more details about how to become a Kindle Scout reader or author, and to view Lauren’s Amazon Kindle Scout campaign page and perhaps nominate her book, visit:

Lauren is also a singer/songwriter, and is active in the Florida folk music scene.

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