Thursday, February 22, 2018

Charlie Takes an Adventure by Haley Marguerite Mariano

 It’s been two years since Haley Marguerite released Charlie Takes an Adventure (TriMark Press, 2016), and she hasn’t stopped working yet. 

We meet Charlie before his leap of faith. He’s happy in his native Antarctica, surrounded by loving family and friends. But he’s bored and has a vision of something grander. Soon he finds confirmation that something better awaits him; in Florida he will find everything he’s looking for, a travel magazine affirms. The starry-eyed penguin encounters more than a few hurdles once he gets to his dream place however, and he finds out that in his search for paradise his heart will guide him somewhere completely unexpected.
Charlie’s journey has resonated and delighted thousands of children, as the book is now in its 6th printing! Much of its success has to be attributed to Marguerite’s go-getter attitude. She’s spent much of the last year and a half traveling through the entire state of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee appearing in farmer’s markets and schools. Haley Marguerite has been selected as the keynote speaker for the Girl Scouts and Keller Williams Real Estate agents.
 Charlie has been hit with an overwhelmingly positive response from children, to parents and to educators. I feel that my book is a perfect fit for your gift shop. I have noticed from the several book signings throughout America, children and their families really have gravitated towards my book because of their love for penguins. Penguin are admired by many families for one of the world’s most beloved birds on this planet.  I am confident that Charlie Takes an Adventure will supersede your sales expectations!”
The touring has paid off as Charlie can now be found on the shelves of Miami Seaquarium and the IMAG (Imaginarium Aquarium and Science Center).  The Charlie world is also starting to expand with merchandise now available in the form of penguin necklaces, tote bags, pencil pouches that are in addition to the book. Keep your eye on her social media to find out when Haley might be traveling to a market near you.  

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