Saturday, December 23, 2017

Following the Strandline by Linda L Zern -- The Sequel to Beyond the Strandline is now AVAILABLE

BOOK BLURB:  Seven years after solar flares destroy the power grid, seventeen-year-old Tessla Lane is living in a dangerous world. The S-Line Ranch isn’t the safe, isolated place it once was, and Tessla’s family and friends can no longer avoid the brutality raging beyond their borders.

Filled with wildfires, slavers, and violent gangs, the Florida peninsula has become a lawless land of thieves and murderers. But along with new enemies come new opportunities. Orphaned children called “doe kids” wander the forest around the ranch, and the Marketplace Mall has been fortified by a collection of hardened women fighters, including Richmond Parrish’s sisters. The new world is more complicated than ever, and the ranch family’s survival hangs by a thread. With her grandfather gone, teenaged Tessla bears the burden of defending the ranch—and preparing her family for the fight of their lives.

About the Author
 “Humor speaks to the intellect and literature speaks to the heart, so said one of my writing teachers. I try to write both.” (Linda L. Zern, Author and Word Monger)
Linda L. Zern lives in Central Florida. As a child and raised on sunshine and bug spray, she read every cereal box and every book she could get her hands on. She now spins her own stories spun from Florida mists and liquid sunshine.

Writing her way through the genre list, and starting with an illustrated inspirational book, The Long-Promised Song, Ms. Zern's latest novel is a young adult, realistic, dystopian adventure set in rural Florida called FOLLOWING THE STRANDLINE, BOOK II IN THE STRANDLINE SERIES.

Inspired by the classic
Alas Babylon by Pat Frank, the author revisits the collapse of civilization and the power grid in this romantic action/adventure/thriller.

Book II in the Strandline Series,
FOLLOWING THE STRANDLINE, continues the story of Tessla Lane and her sisters Ally and ZeeZee, along with their handsome, troubled tenant Richmond Parrish.

Survivors of collapse, war, and chaos, members of the S-Line Ranch must reach out to the violent, wounded “Amazon” women of the Oviedo Marketplace Mall. They are warriors building a fortress. Warriors planning to defend against whatever their enemies have planned:  wildfire, invasion, and return to brutal slavery.


Can Tessla convince her family to join forces with the hardened women of the Marketplace Fortress? Can she convince herself? 
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