Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Silent Autumn by Veronica Hart -- Participating in the Meet the Authors Book Fair

Veronica Hart, author of Silent Autumn will be participating in the Meet the Authors Book Fair in Melbourne at the Eau Gallie Civic Center, 1551 Highland Ave, Melbourne, FL 32935, FREE and open to the public on November 18 and 19, featuring her Science/Speculative Fiction book and stories.

Silent Autumn - Champagne Book Group, 2016

 In 2179 Taylor Female 8635 is content with her profession as a cosmetics designer. She gave birth to the requisite two babies in her teens and now enjoys privileges beyond the norm. When stopping at a power station Taylor inadvertently overhears a conversation between the leaders of the North and the South. They have a plan to destroy the leader of the West in order to gain control over food production. When Maximilian Male catches her in the shadows, he uses her plight as his opportunity to leave the North.

Together they travel across the country, passing abandoned and derelict cities, countryside inhabited by uneducated tribes, villages with a minimum of social organization and barren wasteland in their quest to warn the leader of the West.

Without her prescribed medication laced meals, Taylor learns what it is like to feel emotions, to experience joy and heartbreak. 

Novella included in The Masters Reimagined, An Alvarium Experiment Story: Annie Karenina
What if the ending of Anna Karenina didn't have to be that way?

Story included in Return to Earth, An Alvarium Experiment Story: Recovery
When a virus threatens the lives of everyone on board a transfer station for intergalactic travel, it's up to Dr. Candace Bertram to retrieve the only known vaccine from Earth. The risky, untested method of transport could mean catastrophic mission failure, and grave danger for Dr. Bertram. 

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