Friday, November 10, 2017

Peppertree Press Announces the Upcoming Release of The Lübecker by Pensacola Writer M.J. Joseph

The Lübecker will be released nationwide on January 23, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Peppertree Press announces the early 2018 release of The Lübecker by M.J. Joseph. A sweeping tale of historical fiction that unfolds against the backdrop of World War I, The Lübecker is slated for simultaneous publication in print and electronic editions.  The Lübecker will be available where fine books are sold on January 23, 2018. 

About The Lübecker:  Parallel narratives blend together to form an exquisite, multi-layered novel about life during the roiling milieu of European history leading to the onset of World War I in M.J. Joseph’s The Lübecker.

A stunning and richly-wrought debut novel, The Lübecker centers on the lives of a diverse cast of characters. Readers will find themselves quickly swept up and deeply invested in the compelling characters introduced in this extraordinary novel.  The Lübecker brilliantly portrays myriad facets of life during the World War I era by showcasing such stories as that of Dr. Sam Yoffey, a young doctor practicing in Florida’s Panhandle Bayou region in 1886, who has rather inconveniently fallen in love with a nun. Moreover, The Lübecker presents the unforgettable story of David Rosenberg of the northern German city of Lübeck, 8 years old in 1894, and his family—a family forced to endure unspeakable tragedy. Through the stories of David, his beloved aunt Kathe Kahn-Matthäus, parents Gabriele and Jürgen Rosenberg, grandmother Elizabeth Kahn-Matthäus and grandfather Bernhard Gerfried Matthäus, as well as uncle Heinrich Rosenberg, long estranged from brother Jürgen, The Lübecker presents a uniquely human tale destined to stay with readers long after the final page is turned.

Brimming with emotion, bristling with compassion, and resplendent with realism, The Lübecker paints a vivid and evocative portrait of life during wartime.

In this remarkable work of fiction, M.J. Joseph probes the dynamics of personal identity and self-knowledge, highlights some of Western literature’s most profound philosophical and religious challenges, and gives voice to one of history’s most moving and memorable human struggles. Highlighting the vast chasm, yet undeniable similarities, among characters with varied cultural, intellectual, and religious traditions, The Lübecker is a thoughtful and thought-provoking novel by a dynamic new voice in historical fiction.

With its rich detail and innovative, yet seamlessly-plotted storyline, The Lübecker is an inventive and engaging novel that evokes the distinctive styles of writers such as Lawrence Durrell and E. M. Forster, bringing to life the struggles, joys, tragedies, trials and triumphs of an era long past.

The Lübecker will be published in hardcover (ISBN: 978-1-61493-524-7, 470 pages, $34.95) and eBook editions.

Born and raised in Florida, M.J. Joseph maintains membership in the English Goethe Society, the Siegfried Sassoon Society and other literary associations. He is a supporter-member of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature, as well as an Associate of Lincoln Cathedral. Prior to retiring, Joseph enjoyed a lengthy and rewarding career with an industrial firm where he served as CEO and managed the company’s merger with a larger international corporation. He divides his time between Europe and his home on Florida’s northern coast. M.J. Joseph and his wife Ann have two children. 

The Peppertree Press is an independent book publisher based in Florida.  Members of the news media wishing to request a review copy of The Lübecker or more information about author M.J. Joseph are kindly asked to contact Maryglenn McCombs by phone – (615) 297-9875, or by email –

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