Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Jaimie Engle nominated as Best Independent Novelist in 2017 Spacie Awards

Author, Cosplayer, Podcaster, and anti-bullying advocate receiving honor for commitment to creating

“Magic is all around you, if you just take the time to look.”--Jaimie Engle
The second annual Spacie Awards will be held Friday, December 29th from 7-10pm at the Space Coast Convention Center located at 301 Tucker Lane in Cocoa, Florida. The Spacie Awards began as a Facebook poll to find the best in independent comics, cosplay, film, novelists, and so much more. Thousands of people voted for their favorites in ten categories, prompting a formal event to emerge.

“The nominees are pillars in our community who have worked hard to get where they are today,” shared Jake Estrada of Space Coast Comixx and co-founder of the Spacie Awards.

“It is an honor to have them listed within our sacred pages,” shared David Grace of Space Coast Comic Con and co-founder of the Spacie Awards.

Voting began in April as an open forum and quickly grew to include dozens of nominees in each of category. 2017 Finalists for the Spacie Awards include:

1.      2017 INDIE COMIC BOOK FINALISTS: The Dragon Trio, Masks, Fatman Syndicated
2.      2017 INDIE COMIC WRITER FINALISTS: Chad Lambert, Anthony Zicari, Elman España
3.      2017 INDIE PORTRAIT ARTIST FINALISTS: Scott Spillman, Scott Straka, Matthew Atchley
4.      2017 INDIE COMIC ARTIST FINALISTS: John Dixon, Ashley Witter, Pete Hernandez III
5.      2017 WEB MEDIA PROVIDERS FINALISTS: Markwho42, Orlando Collectors Deviants, Nerd Nation Radio
6.      2017 INDIE MOVIES/TV SHOWS FINALISTS: Cosplay and Me, Body Jumpers Resurrection, Dolly Deadly
7.      2017 INDIE DIRECTOR FINALISTS: Robert Scott, Alex Fernandez, Chris Turner
8.      2017 INDIE NOVELIST FINALISTS: Michael Manning, Jaimie Engle, Bob Dixon
9.      2017 INDIE SPECIAL EFFECTS FINALISTS: Scott Fensterer, Nikki Reed, Creation 13/Ginger Rose
10.  2017 INDIE COSPLAY FINALISTS: Cecil Garner of Cecil Grimes, German Abraham Chris Twellman, Cos a Commotion

“As an independent creator and author, I know how much goes into getting your product into the marketplace,” shares Jaimie Engle, nominee for Best Indie Novelist. “Visibility is much more difficult for indies, though the creative control can make the experience even more rewarding.”

Along with her novels, Engle teaches free writing classes at Eastern Florida State College in Melbourne, speaks to kids about bulling in schools, and creates candles inspired by her books known as Wick Books™.  

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