Thursday, October 26, 2017

When Tinker Met Bell by Alethea Kontis

N.Y. Times bestseller and Space Coast author Alethea Kontis
honors local coffee shop in latest novel

 If you have ever walked into Port St. Java for “Two for Tuesday” and wondered what
those folks you see there every week are doing, the answer might be writing
award winning novels. Local author Alethea Kontis, known to fans affectionately
as Princess Alethea, often spends time on the comfy couch there writing and has
even honored Port St. Java with a grateful acknowledgement and a subtle nod on
the cover of her latest release, When Tinker Met Bell. Kontis has become the
darling of the science fiction and fantasy genre with hundreds of fans meeting
her at dozens of conventions around the country each year and her books earning
multiple honors. This month, Kontis celebrates the release of WHEN TINKER MET
BELL, her second book in the Nocturne Falls Universe series. Nocturne Falls is
a delightful mix of mythology, adventure and just enough romance.

This most recent book release joins Kontis’ extensive and varied lineup. Previous Fall releases include Haven, Kansas, a Young Adult horror novel and AlphaOops!: H is for Halloween, a whimsical alphabet picture book.

When Tinker Met Bell  is the story of Harmswood Academy students, Bellamy Merriweather
Larousse and Ranulf “Tinker” Tinkerton. Bellamy works
as a barista at The Hallowed Bean to help pay her tuition and remains active on
the cheering squad, despite her insistence on associating with the unpopular
crowd. Every day is sunny in her world and every cloud has a silver lining. The
only way to upset Bell's stalwart optimism is to threaten one of her misfit friends...or
try to take one of them from her.

Unbeknownst to everyone--including him--outcast Tinker is
about to be named heir to the throne of the Goblin King, making him ruler of
his fellow Lost Boys and the labyrinthine city they inhabit. Now that the time
has come for Tinker to leave Harmswood, will he be brave enough to share his
feelings for Bellamy? It's no secret that he's held a torch for her since the
fourth grade, but no matter how long they've been friends, goblins will always
be allergic to fairies.

will they?

Princess Alethea lives and
writes in Titusville, Florida, with her teddy bear Charlie. Her next release in
the Nocturne Falls series is scheduled for late Spring 2018. To keep up with Princess Alethea, follow her on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, YouTube, or her website:

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