Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Missing by Virginia Nygard

Detective Carmella Callenda is getting nowhere with a case involving the disappearance of DeBary’s Mayor Hanson and his wife. Despite help from retired forensics expert Will Mears, the shiny substance with strange properties found at the scene fails all tests for ordinary matter. At the same time, a rash of crimes takes place in the small town of DeBary, Florida, where unexplained lights and furtive activity occur in Gopher Slough. And it’s all tied in with Carmella's internal warning system that she calls “my guardian angel, Angelo.”

Federal agent Michael Paradiso arrives in town undercover as Tony DeCarlo and, in cooperation with the sheriff’s department, begins work at DeBary Chemicals, where the mayor was co-owner. He soon discovers a shocking connection to the activity in Gopher Slough. When Carmella later discovers Michael’s deceased brother was named Angelo, missing pieces begin to come together.
When missing people, missing things, and missing links are connected, the lives of the characters are changed forever.

Virginia Nygard has written novels, novellas, poetry and short stories, with multiple awards to her credit. Previous publications include Déjà Vu Dream, Beyond Déjà Vu, and Ice Man in Paradise, as well as submissions in  several anthologies and magazines. A member of The Florida Writers Association, The National League of American Pen Women and the Academy of American Poets, she is a former editor with an online journal, and is facilitator of The Treasure Coast Writers Group.  Follow her blog at:

Virginia Nygard, Author: Deja Vu Dream, Ice Man in Paradise, Beyond Deja Vu, Missing 
Royal Palm Literary Awards: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 NLAPW Awards: 2012, 2013, 2015
FWA Regional Director/Treasure Coast Writers Group Leader
NLAPW Vero Beach Branch, past Vice President
Academy of American Poets

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