Monday, October 2, 2017

Authorities Spot Viking Shifter Wreaking Havoc at Spooky Empire Con

Author to Cosplay as her own fictitious character
Melbourne, FL, October 2, 2017:“Magic is all around you, if you just take the time to look.”--Jaimie Engle
Masks have been used by man since the beginning. We can put one on and escape into a reality that is our own or find courage to do something we couldn’t before. Disguises hide our insecurities and foster a safe haven for inner truth to surface. This is part of the reason why we connect with superheroes. We love them in their secret day-to-day persona, the one we relate to. The reporter working a day job. The cat lady. Even the billionaire philanthropist, because at his core he doesn’t fit into his world either. The alter ego, the hero, is the one we vicariously live through the pages of a comic book, the scenes of a film, and the pages of a novel.

Until the Comic Con.

Spooky Empire enters year three of its Con geared toward the darker side of comics this October 27th-29th at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. Jaimie Engle is a featured creator for the con bringing books, podcasting, and cosplaying into one arena. She will be featured on four panels:

  • Invasion of the Podcasters – October 27th, 8pm
  • Women in Horror – October 28th, 12pm
  • Storycraft and Publication – October 28th, 5pm
  • Four Stories, a reading – October 28th, 6pm
  • The Other & the Exotic in Cultural Horror – October 29th, 12pm

Engle will be in the signing area to autograph books at 1pm on Sunday, October 29th.

“Being on a panel allows me to interact with con fans and share some of my experiences as an author, podcaster, and cosplayer,” explains Engle. “I love the people who attend the cons because they understand me and we connect in our obsession for all things nerdy. Plus, you get to dress up in costumes, which is always fun.”

Engle will debut a new cosplay character at the con; her very own fictional character Scalvia from her Viking Werewolf novel Dreadlands: Wolf Moon. In the past, she has cosplayed Marty McFly, Jr., Trinity from The Matrix, Garth from Wayne’s World, and Dookie the Unicorn from the Squatty Potty brand to promote her book The Toilet Papers.

Along with her novels and cosplay photographs, which she will sell and sign, Engle will have coloring pages of shields for kids to design. She believes magic happens behind a costume and wants kids to feel empowered as they create their own magic shields. This is part of her anti-bullying advocacy program, one she brings to schools throughout Florida.

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Like stepping into a living dream, Jaimie Engle writes dark fiction where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary. She loves weaving lore into her stories and taking her readers on wondrous adventures. Engle is a cosplayer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and speaker at schools, conferences, and colleges across Florida. Check out her story-scented candle line Wick Books™ and follow her at Stalk on social media @theWRITEengle.

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