Saturday, August 5, 2017

Entombed in Verse, an Epitaph for Salem by Cynthia Morrison

West Palm Beach author Cynthia Morrison, will travel to Salem Massachusetts as part of book launch and signing event. Her contributions pay tribute to the Salem Witch trial victims and are included inside a new anthology published by Fun Dead Publications.

The anthology is titled “Entombed in Verse, an Epitaph for Salem”
A number of the works featured inside the book recognize the dark history of the town of Salem including the infamous “Witch trials” of the 17th century. One of those that perished due to the hysteria and senseless killings was an eighty-year old farmer named Giles Corey. Giles was “pressed" to death on September 19, 1692 for refusing to go to trial on charges of witchcraft.

Morrison, an associate editor for Horrified Press of London England, is a retired strength athlete and is officially recognized for being “pressed” with 938 pounds for 10.87 seconds while lying on broken glass; that’s 62 pounds short of a half ton! The feat was filmed by the Discovery channel in 2007. She will now voice her tribute poem to Giles Corey on August 5th at the very home of the Salem witch trial judge Jonathan Corwin known as the “Witch House”.

“Knowing first hand the helpless feeling and horrific circumstance of being crushed by nearly half a ton prompted my tribute to Mr. Corey and his injustice. I see my work as an expressive sympathetic parallel.”   
“Entombed in Verse, an Epitaph for Salem” Release & Book signing event
Where: Jonathan Corwin House 310 ½ Essex St, Salem, MA 01970 “The Witch House”
When:  Saturday August 5th,   2017   @   7pm – 9pm
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