Thursday, June 29, 2017

Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Coaching Program with Patricia Charpentier

Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Coaching Program

In Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More, watch your writing transform as you learn to properly punctuate, understand sentence structure, and come to know a writer’s best friend—verbs. Your writing gains strength as you master verb tenses, capitalization, and parts of speech, and figure out where to put that always-pesky comma.

The Style, Punctuation, Grammar, and More online coaching program begins June 29, 2017. This is a four-week program designed to help you develop the confidence to effectively write your story the way you always hoped. The course concludes the week of July 17th. To register, click here.

You have access to the videos, handouts, note-taking outlines, and assignments for six full months. Here are some the lessons you can expect to enjoy:

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