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Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Coaching Program with Patricia Charpentier

Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Coaching Program

In Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More, watch your writing transform as you learn to properly punctuate, understand sentence structure, and come to know a writer’s best friend—verbs. Your writing gains strength as you master verb tenses, capitalization, and parts of speech, and figure out where to put that always-pesky comma.

The Style, Punctuation, Grammar, and More online coaching program begins June 29, 2017. This is a four-week program designed to help you develop the confidence to effectively write your story the way you always hoped. The course concludes the week of July 17th. To register, click here.

You have access to the videos, handouts, note-taking outlines, and assignments for six full months. Here are some the lessons you can expect to enjoy:

Book Takes International European Book Tour Without Author!

“The Toilet Papers” Travels to bathrooms across Europe to promote new release for author Jaimie Engle
 “Overnight success happens after decades of sleepless nights.”--Jaimie Engle
Have you ever heard of a book taking a tour without the author? That’s what happened this summer as Jaimie Engle’s new release The Toilet Papers took an international tour of bathrooms across Europe.

“When my website designer from The Paramount Group asked if she could bring my book on her family vacation to Europe, I couldn’t say no!” shares Engle, owner of JME Books and The Write Engle, LLC. “How funny to have a book on tour without the author, let alone a bathroom book visiting international bathrooms and toilets. It’s too funny to be true.”

The Toilet Papers is a short story collection of humor, horror, historical, and fantasy tales for ages 16+ written by Jaimie Engle, an award-winning author from the Space Coast of Florida. Her idea was to create a book separated by word count to meet the bathroom needs of readers after she herself became frustrated when picking up her own bathroom book and not remembering where she had left off. For example, if someone only has to go a little, there’s stories under 1,000 words in section “Number 1” but if someone’s going to be awhile, the section titled “Farfrompoopin’” includes stories over 5,000 words.

The clever concept was quickly received by Linda Stay, Marketing Director of Squatty Pottytm a toilet stool promoting proper potty posture created by the Edwards family of Saint George, Utah.

“What a great idea for a fun book,” shares Stay, who gave Engle permission to use their mascot Dookie the Unicorn’s haiku in the book. “This is going to be so fun and very successful as well! We are happy to give the endorsement.”

The Toilet Papers is available in both print and digital copies through Amazon and other online retailers, including Barnes & Noble. The author provides signed copies through the publisher’s website at More about the author or to book her at your group event is available at

Book Details

Series: Toilet Papers (Book 1)
Paperback (ebook available)
Publisher: JME Books (July 23, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0997170980
ISBN-13: 978-0997170986
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

Buy Links

YouTube OFFICIAL book release trailer (hysterical!):

(Photos of book, author dressed as Dookie the Squatty Potty Unicorn, and book on tour in various bathrooms in Europe available through request or at this Dropbox link:

BIO: Jaimie Engle lives in Melbourne, Florida, with her husband, two boys, and a hound dog. When she isn’t making up stories, she’s probably drinking coffee somewhere, playing trivia, or teaching about writing. She loves podcasting on ORIGINS about the stories behind legends & lore. Become a fan at
YouTube | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Snapchat @thewriteengle

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Call for submissions to the Space Coast Writers Guild's next anthology: "Holidays” !

Download the full Call for Chapter Submissions from .

Perry Como’s 1954 recording of “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays” is a perennial favorite, reflecting our deep-seated urge to return to a simpler time during the hectic holiday season. Happy memories of holidays from years ago tend to center on family, friends, and food. Our modern holiday season begins with Halloween, builds towards Thanksgiving, reaches its feverish peak with Christmas and Chanukah, and ends on New Year’s Eve.

The Space Coast Writers’ Guild’s forthcoming anthology, Holidays, is a collection of stories filled with fond recollections of holidays past and present. Whether it’s ice skating on frozen ponds at Christmas, dressing up in amusing costumes for Halloween, or eating too much turkey at Thanksgiving, Holidays captures the best (and worst) of times.

* Important Dates: Submit your work by Friday, September 8, 2017 for consideration.

* Submission Guidelines: All SCWG members in good standing are allowed one free submission (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays), no longer than 5,000 words.

* Note: Not a SCWG member? No problem! Submit your work, along with a $40 non-refundable entrance fee, and you’re in. Plus, you get one full year of membership in the SCWG. Contact the editor, Scott Tilley, at for more details.

* Submissions must be sent as an email attachment in MS Word format (DOC, DOCX) to The submission cannot be previously published, or currently under review elsewhere. Images must be in JPG or PNG format at 300dpi. All submissions must be accompanied by a 75-word author biography and a 1”x1” author digital photograph. The SCWG reserves the right to edit or decline submissions. Holidays will be published by Anthology Alliance and distributed through in Kindle and print formats by Thanksgiving.

HAIR BRAINED (Bad Hair Day Mystery #14) is now available for pre-order in ebook format.

When hairstylist Marla Vail’s best friend is hurt in a car crash, Marla takes over as her baby’s guardian. No sooner does Marla say, “Baby want a bottle?” than she’s embroiled in another murder investigation. Her husband, Detective Dalton Vail, determines the crash may not have been an accident after all. But then, who would want Tally—or Ken in the car with her—out of the way?

Ken’s insurance agency was involved in a fraud investigation. Did someone mean to silence him? Or could something in Tally’s life have put her in jeopardy? She’d recently joined a tea ladies circle. Had she discovered secrets among the women that almost got her killed? Or could she be the target of a disgruntled employee from her dress shop? As Marla delves further into her friends’ backgrounds, she realizes she didn’t know them as well as she’d thought. Even so, Tally and Ken have trusted her with their child’s care. Can she protect the baby and find the culprit before someone else becomes roadkill?

Release Date: September 12, 2017
Ebook: ISBN 9780997003871
Print: ISBN 9780997003888
Cover Design by Boulevard Photografica

Pre-Order Now at:
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Thanks so much to Coastal Magic Convention for becoming a Friend of Florida Book News.  Your support is greatly appreciated. Please click on their badge in the right column and read all about this convention coming up in February. 

Book News: 'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume Two by Valerie Allen

Valerie Allen, psychologist, speaker, and author has published 'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume Two, which can be found at

'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection Volume Two is an entertaining and heart-warming journey into the lives of ordinary people. The stories touch on the details of relationships among family members and between friends and lovers. It offers an opportunity—sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant—to see ourselves through the desires of, and decisions made by others. Each story is a quick read with a meaningful message.

Contents include: The Garden of Love, Match Maker, Small Steps, Future Plans, Words of Wisdom, Best Wishes, Valentine's Day, Conditional Love, Father's Day, Love is in the Air, A Good Thing on a Bad Day, Brotherly Love and Holiday Traditions.

'This Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume Two can be found as a book, an ebook, and in a LARGE PRINT edition. The audio version will soon be available on Audible and iTunes.

For those who enjoyed 'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection Volume One, Volume Two is sure to please. Read, enjoy and share. For more information about Valerie Allen go to or contact her at

~ Valerie Allen ~                                

Key West Resident Judy Hadley Lands Walk-On Role in Bestselling Author Meg Muldoon’s Next Novel

Judy Hadley (left) of Key West, Florida, has won a walk-on role in cozy mystery author Meg Muldoon’s next novel, which is due out in August.

Key West, Florida Keys – Judy Hadley of Key West, Florida, has won a walk-on cameo appearance in bestselling author Meg Muldoon’s next novel, “Meltdown in Christmas River: A Christmas Cozy Mystery Book,” which is due out this August.
Muldoon, author of more than a dozen “cozy” mystery titles and a run-away success story in the self-publishing world, was a featured panelist at the recent Mystery Fest Key West. The “character placement” contest was an early registration promotion for the fest, which took place June 16-18 at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Grand Key.
Hadley, a retired speech, drama and debate teacher from Louisiana who “found a home” with The Fringe Theater (originally the People’s Theater) in Key West, Florida, and co-conceived the acclaimed Shakespeare in Schools program that has been underway for eight seasons in the Florida Keys, got to choose whether to be a “good” character or a “bad” one. She chose the “more interesting bad-guy role.”
Mystery Fest Key West 2017 was sponsored by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council, the Key West Citizen daily newspaper, Mystery Writers of America – Florida Chapter, the Florida Keys Council of the Arts and supported by the Marion Stevens Fund at the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys and the Helmerich Trust. For more information on the annual celebration of sleuthing, visit

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Catfish Pearl by Ruth Francisco

Community Authors offers videos on the craft of writing

Community Authors  believes you have a story worth telling, and they will help.

For years, Community Authors has supported the writing of New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors, and they would love to work with you. Through coaching, editing, and story development, they will advance your writing life.

In this video series, Community Authors’ Christopher Hawke walks you through learning the craft of writing. Designed especially for the busy writer, this month-long course requires no more than 10 minutes a day and is likely to be the only writing series you’ll ever need. Learn at your own pace. Watch a video a day or view as many lessons as you’d like at one time.

Click here to receive 4 FREE Videos and the most important story concepts you’ll ever learn.

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Brevard County Author Brings Anti-Bullying Book and Strategies to Orlando Book Festival

Award-winning Melbourne Author to Share How to Bring Social Issues into Light through Writing Books and Speaking to Kids

Orlando, Florida July 8th, 2017: “Your words have power!”--Jaimie Engle
Sharing her books and anti-bullying message in Brevard has proved a great joy to local award-winning author Jaimie Engle. On July 8th, 2017, Engle has been invited to speak on a panel about book promotion during the Orlando Book Festival, a free event open to the public on Saturday, July 8th at the Orlando Public Library downtown Orlando at 101 E. Central Blvd from 10am-4:45pm.

“Writing a great book is just the beginning,” shares Engle, who speaks to students in Florida about their part in bullying. “Gaining visibility in the marketplace, finding your niche audience, and creating opportunities to share your message are the hardest, yet most rewarding parts of the journey. It has opened doors allowing me to empower kids to stand up for themselves and others!”

Engle will be joined with over 20 authors including keynote speakers Adam Silvera and Jonathan Maberry. Her panel titled Book Promotion will take place in the Albertson Room from 11-11:50am where she will share best practices for book promotion alongside Heather Burch, Alethea Kontis, and Craig Pittman, moderated by Jennifer Morris of Coastal Magic Convention.

Along with her anti-bullying children’s book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, Engle will be promoting her short story collection The Toilet Papers: places to go, while you go. This book received endorsement by a major company, and Engle will also share how other authors can collaborate with companies to promote their work.

For more information and to register go to To learn about Jaimie Engle visit There is no cost for this event, and author will be on site for autograph signings from 4-4:45pm.