Saturday, May 6, 2017

Spears and Promises by Robert Hart

First Place winner, short story, Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards 2016

About Spears and Promises by Robert Hart

Tragedy and understanding emerge during the cultural clash between a white undergraduate from southern Africa and a post-graduate African MD forced to room together in Ireland during the death throes of the colonial era.

Judges comments:

“As unexpectedly intimate story . . .

“A highly original plot that manages to reveal much about a serious social difference in two cultures without preaching and creates a sense of drama without overdramatizing.”

“This short story is about very passionate topics but the theme is about the type of friendship which transcends differences and celebrates the honor of it.”

Author’s note:
The person of Ifi Bikono is the only fiction within this story—the inner voice that engaged me in argument during the silence before fully awakening to reality.

For Information:  
Robert Hart has published his award-winning short story in Kindle format ($0.99) and would be grateful if you could post this in your newsletter. The cover is by White Rabbit Graphix. For more information, click HERE


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