Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Seven-Day Writing Challenge with Patricia Charpentier

You’re invited to participate in Writing Your Life’s Seven-Day Writing Challenge, and guess what? It’s free! That’s right. It doesn’t cost you a cent. Your only investment is a small amount of time, and the results could be life changing.

Each day for seven days, beginning Monday, June 19th, you’ll receive a new writing prompt designed to trigger memories. Once you’ve written your response to the prompt, you can post it on a private, members-only community forum. There, you can also read others’ entries, share an encouraging word, or comment on what you enjoyed or related to in their piece.

Being a part of the Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge also entitles you to attend a free Style, Grammar, Punctuation, and More Webinar Patricia Charpentier is giving on Tuesday, June 27th that will help you improve your grammar and punctuation so that your stories will sing. 

In previous years, more than eight hundred people from forty-seven states and eight countries—Canada, Turkey, England, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, and Brazil—wrote in response to daily prompts.

Read more about the Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge and reserve your spot at our international writing table at Then share this information with everyone you know. Forward the email. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or any of yoaur other social media platforms. Let’s make this the best Free Seven-Day Writing Challenge ever.

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