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Murder on the Beach Bookstore Presents: The Authors Academy 2017

Murder on the Beach Bookstore Presents:

The Authors Academy 2017
Writing Workshops for Tomorrow’s Authors

All workshops are $25 per person. 
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Saturday June 3, 2017,   10 am - Noon
Boot Camp for Writers. You will be introduced to the traps that await, until you become a skilled fiction writer. You will leave this class with a general understanding of the necessary transition, ready for the in-depth sessions to follow.$25 per person. Instructor: Randy Rawls

Saturday June 10, 10 am - Noon
Writing Tight: Less is More.  “Omit needless words”. Strunk and White said it, and it’s still perhaps the most important rule of good, tight writing. Omit needless words and give your story more impact. $25 per person.  Instructor: Eliot Kleinberg

Saturday June 17,  10 am - Noon
The Time is Right to Write - Memoir!  You've been thinking and talking about telling your special personal story for ages; it's not too late! This workshop will address the First Page Effect: get those first  paragraphs out, and the rest of the story will follow.  $25 per person. Instructor: Brenda Serotte

Saturday June 24, 10 am - Noon
Plotting Made Perfect.  Have an idea for a story but don’t know where to go from there? Or are you stuck in the middle of your manuscript? This workshop will cover character development, plotting techniques, story structure, and other writing tools. $25 per person.  Instructor: Nancy J. Cohen

Saturday July 8, 10 am - Noon
All Talk, and Action.  Scenes come to life with snappy, realistic dialogue. But what makes dialogue truly work? Learn techniques to write dialogue that flows convincingly, advances the plot, and builds character. Includes writing prompts for hands-on practice.$25 per person. Instructor: DJ Niko

Saturday July 15, 10 am - Noon
Pacing: How NOT To Bore Your Reader To Death.  Pacing is all about bringing your reader through your story. To do that, you need a blend of compelling characters, narrative, dialogue, action, and the proper fusion of length in scenes and chapters.  $25 per person. Instructor: Laura Belgrave

Saturday July 22,  10 am - Noon
Who's talking here? Point of View.  Who's telling your story? Is your novel in first person? Third person? Or something else? Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Your novel's success depends on your choice. $25 per person.  Instructor: Elaine Viets

Saturday July 29, 10 am - Noon
The WHY NOTs of Children’s Books.   There are so many things you can do with an invitation, recipe, or newspaper headline. Fiddling with formats is a great way to enrich your manuscript, and to get new book ideas. $25 per person. Instructor: Gloria Rothstein

Saturday  August 5, 10 am - Noon
The Who: of What, When and Where!  What is it about the characters we love and love to hate?  An in-depth look at the casting for your work. From initial concept to the conclusion, the development and growth of characters make plots come alive. $25 per person.  Instructor: Charles Todd

Saturday August 12, 10 am - Noon
The 12 Commandments of Editing. Any successful writer knows that “The End” actually marks the beginning of the writer’s work. This class will take you step-by-step through an efficient process that will make your editing much easier and quicker.  Instructor: Prudy Taylor Board

Saturday August 19, 10 am – Noon
Writing the World.  This course will discuss the elements that are essential to a good travel story, like personal voice and point of view. Also covered is the business of travel writing: What are the markets (both print and online) and how to approach them. $25 per person.  Instructor: Tom Swick

Saturday August 26, 10 am - Noon
The Ins and Outs of the Agent Biz.  It’s the first question writers often ask: “How do I get an agent?” You'll learn whether you need an agent, how to get one, how to keep one, and when to sever the relationship.  $25 per person. Instructor: Michael Meeske w/a VS Alexander

Saturday September 9, 10 am - Noon
Everyone Judges a Book by its Cover. Your book cover is your first impression.  Learn what attracts readers so they'll open the book and peruse those first pages.  Covered are the basics of images, layouts, good vs. bad photo-editing, fonts, dpi, etc. $25 per person. Instructor: Victoria Landis

Saturday September 16, 10 am - Noon
The Road to Independent Publishing in Simple Steps!  We cover the pros and cons of self-publishing and how to do so economically. We'll discuss cover art, copy editing, formatting, and the marketing aspects of doing self publishing right. $25 per person.  Instructor: Marcia King-Gamble

Saturday September 23, 10 am - Noon
FL Authors Academy Has Talent!

As the finale for our FL Authors Academy at Murder on the Beach, we are planning an event "FL Authors Academy Has Talent!"  This will be an open mike for the attendees of the workshops to read from their work in progress and get feedback from three multi-published author judges.

Judges are Randy Rawls, Deborah Sharp, and Prudy Taylor Board
$25 per person
Refreshments Served
Sign up today!

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All workshops are held at Murder on the Beach Bookstore, 273 NE 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, from 10am to Noon.  All instructors are multi-published authors. Charge for each workshop is $25 per person.  Please pay at the door.  Cash, check or credit cards accepted.

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