Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Butts on the Bar Stool by Ree Miller


Spend some time at Stenny's, a bar in suburban Philadelphia that is mirrored in hundreds of neighborhoods all over the country. Get to know the regulars, semi-regulars, bartenders, servers, and the (inept) owners. Through the eyes of the characters, experience occult and game nights, a funeral lunch, a holiday party, an ill-fated double happy hour, and special menus—one of which results in a lawsuit.

The main protagonists are Joanna and Matt, and their friends Leigh and Jim. They each find respite from their busy lives by bellying up to the bar and being part of an informal, no-dues club. The four of them also share a bad habit; this turns out to have significant consequences on all of their lives, and on the future of Stenny’s. 
Butts on the Bar Stool is a dialogue-driven, light-hearted (and occasionally fanciful) novel—no deep messages, but some recognizable truths about how people interact with their surroundings and each other.

About the Author

Ree Miller is the pen name of a freelance writer living and working in Vero Beach, Florida. Before moving to Vero Beach in 2014 and turning to writing for a living, Ree had a long business career in Philadelphia, primarily in call center management. Out of that experience arose her first novel, Butts in the Seat, published in 2015. Butts on the Bar Stool, her second novel, was published in 2016. Under her real name, Ree's serious writing includes health articles for a group of Treasure Coast newspapers, and ghostwriting memoirs and autobiographies for local residents.

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