Friday, April 7, 2017

Sea Glass... or Diamonds in the Rough by John Leggett


Anyone picking up sea glass on Melbourne Beach these days should look twice. Apparently, a few rough cut diamonds may be among the treasures.

At least, that is some of the intrigue held within the pages of Diamonds In The Rough, a new novel set in Melbourne Beach and the surrounding areas.

In 2012, author John Leggett, a winter resident of Melbourne Beach, spotted a sailboat anchored on the Indian River near Douglas Park. There was a disarray of equipment and miscellaneous items on deck along with an outboard motor dangling off the stern rail. Leggett thought nothing of it at the time, but the following year when he returned, the boat was still anchored with no apparent movement. The boat sat for two more years and, being a writer, Leggett fictionalized a story detailing the “hows” and “whys” of its existence.

In his novel, Diamonds In The Rough, Leggett chronicles his own vision of the mystery of the abandoned thirty-five foot sloop he names Miss Demeanor. The boat is eventually noticed by a recent graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy who arrives for a three-month stay in Melbourne Beach. The graduate (Andy Dugan) believes the boat to be orphaned, and being a sailor, is appalled by the neglect and lack of attention. As a responsible seaman, he wrestles with the thought of claiming the sloop as salvage. The plot unfolds as the rightful owner returns with his own ideas for the boat. Although their motives are different, neither realizes her cargo could prove fatal.

   Diamonds In The Rough, is Leggett’s second novel. It is one of suspense, mystery, and dashes of humor as an unlikely cast of characters contribute to a plot with a twist at each turn of the page.
As a Melbourne Beach Library Friend, a copy has been made available for patrons.  (His books are also available on & kindle)

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