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Florida author spins gripping suspense novel, beguiles readers

VERO BEACH, Fla. — Local author Alan Wolford spins a charismatic blend of suspense, romance, and crime that brews behind an auto dealership agency in his novel The Dealership.
Wolford’s novel has caused quite an upbeat stir, gaining exposure through radio and television interviews and numerous book-signing events across the area. In addition to these events, the author hosts weekly book-signings at the Humiston Park Farmer’s Market with hundreds of attendees and a cult fan following with excellent book reviews.
Wolford’s talked-about book tells of a former Wall Street executive Mark McAllister, who’s a little beat up but still in the game but emerges from his early retirement to sign up for a job at a local auto dealership. After more than a few walks on the wild side, he thinks he’d seen it all. However, he gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself drowning in a sea of criminal enterprises created by his new employer. Caught in a dilemma on whether to remain loyal or risk his life by uncovering the truth, he is, however, driven to confront the corruption that surrounds him.
The Dealership is an emotional roller-coaster ride of suspenseful, crazy and often hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the secretive inner workings of a dishonest dealership that would do anything to sell a car. This book presents a cast of colorful characters that include twisted FBI agents, corrupt attorney generals, bungling computer hackers and hired hit men. It is a story filled with romantic encounters and page-turning suspense.
Wolford is a sought-after speaker, known for his transparency and disclosure to people regarding the car buying process. In addition, Wolford promotes thriftiness and savings by identifying over 25 specific ways that car buyers can save money on their next automobile purchase that he shares at speaking engagements, and are spread throughout his book.

Wolford shares what inspired him to write The Dealership, stating “This is a story so incredible that it just had to be told… The passion to provide an entertaining way to promote reflection, contemplation, and perhaps the motivation to stand up and speak out about some of the hypocrisy that we encounter. Along the way, maybe we develop a new way of looking at the world and defining a new role within that world.”

Wolford describes himself as a writer, adventurer and student of life, sharing “I’ve taken more than a few walks on the wild side. There is no question that truth is stranger than fiction, and I put a little of my own experiences into almost every character and scene I create. Vulnerable to the world, a little beaten up, but still in the game.”

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 Condo Commandeaux is the second riotous dramedy of the Mark McAllister trilogy. Welcome to Delmar, a world-class condominium with a thousand dirty secrets. McAllister's an eco-playboy with a trust fund who juggles fame and fortune and soon finds himself up to his neck in corrupt Florida condo politics, virtuous adult film stars, philanthropic meth cooks, bipolar cyberstalking ex-wives, conniving Playboy playmates, hilarious TV celebrities, and all the glitz, glamour and comedy in a city that is the quintessential triumph of style over substance.

But when McAllister learns that a serial killer is abducting women, he's determined to put an end to the crime spree with the help of a joyously-oblivious black Labrador-but not before he throws a few wild parties on his mink-upholstered 44-foot turbo catamaran, falls in love and risks his life two or three times in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud, muckraking look at the seamy underbelly of Florida condo life.
“The Dealership” ~ Alan Wolford ~ Author’s Bio
Although I pray on my knees like an altar boy, I sometimes find myself cursing like a sailor, as I did on 9/11. The day I lost five friends in the collapse of the World Trade Center. As a writer, adventurer and student of life, I’ve taken more than a few walks on the wild side. There is no question that truth is stranger than fiction, and the truth is I put a little of my own personality and experiences into almost every character and scene I create. Vulnerable to the world, a little beaten up, but still in the game. Regardless of which crazy, hair-brained adventure that I’ve embarked upon, I feel quite blessed by God to have survived so many wacky experiences, including sailing most of the world’s beautiful oceans as a private charter yacht captain, often running aground and sailing off course through typhoons and hurricanes. 

Along the way, I’ve been bitten by sharks, moray eels, attacked by poisonous box jellyfish, swam with dolphins, chased by bears, and even escaped from a docile six foot octopus wrapped around me seventy feet down on the Great Barrier Reef. I did, however, manage to avoid being eaten by the friendly natives of Raiatea and Tikehau in French Polynesia, the unavoidable-but irreconcilable-paradox is this: the more dangerous the adventure became, the more alive it made me feel. 

Sailing gliders over the Monterey peninsula and several sky dives from 13,000 feet proved to be life-changing events, and the indescribable beauty and splendor of diving among the most incredibly fish-diverse islands and reefs of the South Pacific, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Oceans helped me better understand the importance of being good custodians of our planet and supporting worthy environmental causes. 

Twenty years on Wall Street gave me a deep appreciation for the importance of encouraging the growth of global free enterprise, as well as sharing one’s good fortune with charitable causes. In writing stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking novels, I hope I can bring you many smiles and inspiration, as well as some fun, laughter and unique experiences along your own life’s journey.

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