Friday, March 17, 2017

In The Briar - Chapbook Release

HORRIFIED PRESS of London, U.K. has released their latest chapbook titled "In the Briar" written by the Queen of Scream, Cynthia Morrison who lives in Florida. The author was compelled to include the Cassadaga psychic community as well as the infamous urban legend of the "Devil's Chair" within her story.  
The tale features desert creatures of the night, visionaries, fallen angels, anxious entomologists and rebellious titans. How much must one immortal woman face in order to share an existence alongside her reclusive husband? Is her unending life really a blessing or simply a curse forevermore?  Dr. Nautica Crosse defines the true meaning of devoted love within her world of desperation and her crusade against the grim reaper. An entity she would only submit to while clenching his heart. 
Is she any different from the evil forces that she contends with? She herself creates a monster but without malice. A monster for which she has joined as the two become one.  
Cynthia Morrison, B.A. lives in south Florida. Her academic degrees major in law and theology. She is a writer and an award-winning playwright with theatrical works featured Off-Broadway in New York City. She is also a graduate of the Burt Reynolds Institute. Her stage play “Words with a Mummy” is published inside “21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World” as a textbook lesson in “adaptation of a play from literature”. She is also an accomplished equestrian winning International titles in the mounted combat sport of Jousting. In 2001 she became the founding director of a local Jousting club. The venture inspired her to publish a Transitional period mounted combat skills handbook. Her articles with regard to historical mounted combat appear inside Florida equestrian magazines. She is also certified in Humane Equine Management by the University of Kansas. 

Cynthia, who is a member of the Horror Writers Assoc., has had eighteen fictional short stories published as part of twelve various anthologies. Her short story “The Bluebells of Bonny Forest” earned Honorable Mention by the William Faulkner Society, New Orleans during 2016. The story features an English and a French Knight who are rivals on the jousting tournament field.  Cynthia began her martial arts training at the age of fourteen while learning from proteges of Presidential bodyguards.

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