Friday, March 17, 2017

Florida Author Features Kennedy Bunker inside "Happy" Book


Cynthia Morrison remembers standing inside her Family’s Lake Worth Florida home in 1963 and asking her mother why she was weeping. She was only four years old at the time. “My Mom said that the President had just been shot.” Her mother was referring to John F. Kennedy. Even a four year old can remember where they were during the historic tragedy. Then 1968 brought the assassination of his brother Bobby Kennedy. What’s more is the house that Cynthia was living in at that time is located directly across the street from America’s first mass murderer Charles Whitman, who killed 14 people and wounded 31 others, on August 1, 1966.

Cynthia also recollects witnessing the monstrous military fighting machines making their way through the streets of south Florida. “I think that was during the Cuban Missile Crisis or just after.” Morrison also recalls playing outside her home and witnessing the screeching sounds of civil defense warning sirens that were periodically tested. Then later in elementary school, practicing safety drills incase of forced evacuations."

Morrison now lives in West Palm Beach. She has numerous short stories and poems published inside various anthologies. She recently returned from Orlando Florida where the Florida Book Festival recognized her with an “Honorable Mention Award” for her historical fiction novelette titled “Adelia of the Coliseum”. Before that she visited New Orleans where her short story, “The Bluebells of Bonny Forest”, placed as semi-finalist by the Wm. Faulkner Society. Morrison is also an award winning playwright and has had her work appear in Washington D.C. as well as New York City in Off Broadway theatres during 2016.

Another anthology will be featuring her poetry and is now available. The book is titled “HAPPY” and published by Robin Barratt of This time Morrison’s poetry includes President Kennedy’s Bunker located in Palm Beach county Florida. “Singer Island has always been one of my favorite hang outs. President Kennedy had such an enormous influence on so many lives and he was also a President that made Palm Beach his winter Whitehouse. Something that residents are having to relive now with President Trump being here also. The bunker itself has an interesting history, both political and not, so I felt compelled to include it in my work.”
Why mention the memory of a fallout shelter created during trying times within a poem for a book titled “HAPPY”? “Because only good can define evil. Although the Kennedy Bunker was constructed due to evil intentions (nuclear war), it is also surrounded by many happy memories. Those of mine and the Kennedy’s. Singer Island provides a happy ambiance as it coverts one the most infamous dwellings in American history.”

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Cynthia Morrison, B.A. lives in south Florida. Her academic degrees major in law and theology. She is a writer and an award-winning playwright with theatrical works featured Off-Broadway in New York City. She is also a graduate of the Burt Reynolds Institute. Her stage play “Words with a Mummy” is published inside “21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World” as a textbook lesson in “adaptation of a play from literature”. She is also an accomplished equestrian winning International titles in the mounted combat sport of Jousting. In 2001 she became the founding director of a local Jousting club. The venture inspired her to publish a Transitional period mounted combat skills handbook. Her articles with regard to historical mounted combat appear inside Florida equestrian magazines. She is also certified in Humane Equine Management by the University of Kansas. 

Cynthia, who is a member of the Horror Writers Assoc., has had eighteen fictional short stories published as part of twelve various anthologies. Her short story “The Bluebells of Bonny Forest” earned Honorable Mention by the William Faulkner Society, New Orleans during 2016. The story features an English and a French Knight who are rivals on the jousting tournament field.  Cynthia began her martial arts training at the age of fourteen while learning from proteges of Presidential bodyguards.

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