Thursday, March 30, 2017

Davis Bunn at Writer's Block Bookstore

Writer’s Block Bookstore
124 E. Welbourne Avenue, Winter Park, Florida


Winter Park, FL On Monday April 3rd, Writer’s Block Bookstore will host internationally best-selling author Davis Bunn. Davis Bunn will be promoting his latest novel Miramar Bay.

Davis Bunn is the author of dozens of acclaimed novels with over 7 million copies in print, a four-time Christy Award winner, and is beloved by legions of fans. An uplifting tour de force, Miramar Bay will capture readers’ hearts everywhere with a compelling story of two strangers finding second chances in a small coastal town. 

Nestled between the shore and rolling hills, Miramar Bay is a town offering refuge for even the most burdened of hearts. For one lost man named Connor Larkin, it becomes an unexpected home. Miramar Bay is the place where people find their inner truth, where their deepest desires manifest and their best selves shine through. The journey to Miramar Bay may be winding, but what one discovers there is beyond priceless. 

When Connor Larkin boards a late-night bus in downtown L.A., he’s not sure where he’s going or what he’s looking for. He just knows he’s searching for something he can’t define – a part of himself he lost on the road to success – but something worth walking away from his acting career and famous fiancée to find. With the demands of Hollywood at his heels, Connor finds himself stepping into the sleepy seaside town of Miramar Bay—where one remarkable woman inspires him to rethink all of his choices… 
When Connor hears familiar music drifting out of Sylvie’s restaurant, he feels as if he’s finally come home. Sylvie isn’t sure what to think when this impossibly handsome stranger applies for a waiter’s job. Yet once he serenades her customers—and slowly works his way into her heart—she realizes there’s more to him than he’s letting on. And Connor realizes he’s found his destiny. But as the outside world encroaches, threatening their fragile bond, Connor will have to risk losing everything to gain the life he longs for, and be the man Sylvie deserves. Filled with bittersweet longing, Miramar Bay is an unforgettable journey through doubt and desire—to the truth that can be discovered along the road less taken.
Davis Bunn is an internationally bestselling author, published in 21 languages and with more than 7 million books in print. He is a 4-time Christy Award winner and has received much acclaim for his novels across multiple genres, including historical fiction, inspirational, suspense and women’s fiction. Born and raised in North Carolina, Davis left for Europe at age twenty and pursued a business career that took him to over 20 countries all over the world. He and his wife now divide most of their time between the coast of Florida and the English countryside, where Davis serves as Writer in Residence at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University.

For those who are hoping to pre-order Miramar Bay can be directed to the following link:

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