Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Where the Four Roads Merge by Tony Kessinger

Tony Kessinger announces the release of his latest book entitled Where the Four Roads Merge, A Chronological Narrative of the Four Gospels. The book harmonizes the accounts found in the four gospels into one narrative.

The Holy Spirit inspired four men, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to write accounts of the life of Christ. The four had diverse backgrounds. Matthew was a tax collector, John was a fisherman, Luke was a physician and close associate of the apostle Paul, and Mark was a young man and protégé of the apostle Peter. Each author wrote to a different audience, many times using the same stories, but from a different perspective. Each author reported on what they saw or heard, some accounts being more detailed than the others. Where the Four Roads Merge examines all four accounts and combines them into one narrative, arranged in chronological order. Details about geography, travel time, distances from city to city, and the determination of time are added to the narrative in order to enhance the reader’s comprehension of the circumstances surrounding the reported event. The book is not intended to take the place of Scripture. It is a study tool to help enrich the reading of the Biblical text. 

Where the Four Roads Merge can be purchased through Amazon or by visiting www.tonykessinger.com.

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