Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Twelve Flags Book Two by Klaus Kolb

Merritt Island resident Klaus Kolb’s second book Twelve Flags Book Two is now available in both book form and as an e-book.

Twelve Flags Book Two is a 165-page soft-cover book that outlines Kolb’s life from age 12 to 21. The book continues to chronicle his life from the time the occupation forces of the Red Army imprison his father and Communist leaders confiscate their home until his father’s release. His chapters describe how he, his grandmother and two sisters survive Communist occupation following Germany’s defeat in World War II, with the help of CARE packages from and Kolb’s hard work in mechanical and later engineering school. Kolb and his father 
Kolb, 83, grew up in an Eastern province of Germany during the rise of the Nazi Party and during World War II.  At age 21, he emigrated to West Germany and in 1965, to the U.S. as president of the 160-employee Bruckner Machinery Corp. in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The firm manufactured, sold and serviced textile dyeing and finishing machinery. From 1979 to 1997, he was president of ADO Corporation, a German-owned business that manufactured and exported specialty textile fabrics and custom-made draperies.

In 1998, Kolb built his own geodesic home in Spartanburg, and later formed and served as president of Kolb’s Geodesic Homes, based there. Kolb has lived and worked in a dozen countries.

“My books give a cultural history. Teachers are using my first book Twelve Flags, One Life to tell their middle and high school students about the challenges of life growing up during Nazi control of Germany. Twelve Flags Book Two can be used to include information about living in an occupied country as a result of losing a war,” Kolb said. This is the second in a series of books planned about various stages of Kolb’s life.

The $20 book includes 40 photographs, most from Kolb’s family albums. It is available directly from the author, through Amazon Books and through immediate download on Kindle for $3.99. Kolb’s web site www.twelveflags.us describes his books.

Now retired, Kolb consults internationally about geodesic dome shell construction. He also deciphers and translates into English documents written in Old German Suetterlin Script.  Kolb plays accordion and keyboard with a German Band in Melbourne and the Harbor City Retirees’ Dance Band of Eau Gallie. He is an active member of the Central Florida Accordion Club.

Retired Florida Today reporter Linda Jump edited both of Kolb’s books. 

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