Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Murder of Crows by Tom Lowe

About the book:

When Joe Billie stops a grave robber from unearthing a Seminole Indian burial site, Joe becomes the prime suspect in a bizarre murder. The evidence against Joe is solid, and police are convinced they have their killer. When Joe calls Sean O'Brien from jail, O'Brien tries to put pieces of the investigation together. But the first challenge is getting Joe to talk about the circumstances surrounding the killing. As Joe faces first-degree murder charges and the real possibility of the death penalty, O’Brien thinks he knows why his old friend is evasive. But proving it will send O'Brien deep into Seminole history to uncover a greedy killer hell-bent on creating a modern day Trail of Tears

About the author:

Florida-based author, Tom Lowe, is known for his mystery/thriller series featuring Sean O'Brien, a retired Miami homicide detective rebuilding his life between the Ocala National Forest and a marina in Ponce Inlet. A MURDER OF CROWS, released in November, marks the eighth book in the series. Tom is an award-winning documentary writer/director whose films air nationwide on PBS. As he writes his books, Tom draws from his travels around the world and his background as a print and broadcast journalist. Tom is a sailor, windsurfer and SCUBA diver. He lives in Florida with his wife and two dachshunds. 

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