Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meet the Author Book Fair: Author DL Havlin "Bully Route Home"

The “Bully” is coming!

DL Havlin’s latest award winning book, Bully Route Home, paints the past’s portrait of today’s problems. Its setting is the 1940’s rural (Florida/South). The novel relates the experiences of 12 year-old “Pooch” Robertson as he seeks relief from beatings administered by an older bully by finding an escape route through the black “quarters.” An innocent friendship forged with a black youth leads to a chain of incidents that threaten to erupt into a race war.

Winner of the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award for the best literary manuscript, the novel explores two of today’s most critical topics: race relations and bullying. Bully Route Home is DL Havlin’s sixth traditionally published novel.

About the Author
Havlin is an “un-retired” business executive and world traveler who has been writing in excess of twenty-two years, has won numerous literary awards, and has published thriller, historical, and mainstream/literary novels. Havlin grew up in Florida and considers its slash pines, palms, waters, and sands a blood relative. Many of his novels are set in Florida, are steeped in Florida history, and cover topics of interest to Florida residents.
DL Halin will appear at the Meet the Authors Book Fair on Novemver 19 and 20, 2016, 9:30 to 4:30 in the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne Floirda. 
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