Tuesday, October 25, 2016

John Bennditt sponsored by Writer's Block Bookstore and Rollins College

Writer’s Block Bookstore & Rollins College: John Benditt
Theme: Author 
Location: Rollins College – Bush Auditorium 
Date: November 12, 2016
Time: 4:00pm
Age range: 17 and up 
124 E. Welbourne Avenue, Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park, FL (October 24, 2016) On November 12th Writer’s Block Bookstore and Rollins College will host author John Benditt, a distinguished science journalist, who has just released his debut novel, The Boatmaker.  The event will be NOVEMBER 12 from 4M – 6PM. John Benditt will be presenting his debut novel The Boatmaker.

John Benditt had a distinguished career as a science journalist. He was an editor at Scientific American at Science serving as editor in chief of Technology Review. The Boatmaker is his debut novel.

In The Boatmaker a man from a small island at the periphery of an unnamed country close to Europe builds a boat and voyages to the capital of his kingdom. There are apparently no Jews on the island where he was born and he has no sense of his own possible Jewish history. In the capital, he encounters for the first time both deeply rooted anti-Semitism and a radical movement that mixes racial hatred and fanatical religious beliefs. When this volatile combination erupts in violence, the islander must confront the possibility of his own Jewish identity and make a fateful choice.

Event will take place November 12 from 4pm – 6pm at Rollins College Bush Auditorium 

For those who are hoping to pre-order The Boatmaker can be directed to the following link: 

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