Saturday, September 3, 2016

Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess Growing the Fruit of the Spirit in Your Little Girl

Emulating the format of Raising a Modern-Day Princess, authors Doreen Hanna and Karen Whiting seek to help parents and grandparents cultivate strong relationships and encourage the spiritual formation in their daughters using examples, Bible teaching on the fruit of the Spirit, and a variety of creative activities that are based on Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). 

By implementing the ideas in this book, mothers (as well as fathers) will be equipped to understand and guide their daughters through each step of becoming His “princess.” This will include perceiving a daughter’s unique personality and gifts, refining her character through training and discipline, and modeling the attributes of a daughter of the King. 

This book is a follow-up to both Raising a Modern-Day Knight (by Robert Lewis) and Raising a Modern- Day Princess by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna. While the latter book is aimed at parents of girls ages 12 and up, this book focuses on building the Christian character of younger girls. 

Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess is available for review, and Doreen Hanna & Karen Whiting are available for interviews to discuss: 

Teaching moms and Dads to think about instilling the fruits of the Spirit into their little girl
o Guiding and growing a daughter of the KingHow to affirm her unique personality & gifts, refine her character with training & discipline, and lead her to model attributes of the Most High
o Activities for parents to engage their young daughters in illustrations and actions that reflect the attributes of God's Holy Spirit
  •   How mothers, fathers, grandparents, and loving influencers in the lives of little girls can be better equipped to understand and guide the precious steps of little ones as each uniquely becomes the beloved "princess" she was divinely designed by her Creator to be
  •   Practical ways a mom’s actions can cultivate specific traits in her daughter that, by planting seeds and nurturing special virtues in her as she grows to become more like Christ in His image, will yield an abundant garden, which bears the richly identifiable produce of His Spirit’s divine nature
o Harvesting the fruits of faithfulness, peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, kindness, patience, self-control, and love in your princess's life
Providing dads or "step-in dads"(or loving male-figures that God appoints to fulfill the caring role of a "father" to the fatherless)with essential fatherhood skills to keep in their "dad toolbox"
o Instruction manual for fathers & father-figureshow to use each tool for its intentional purpose & design as needed when dads must build, fix, or refine aspects in their girl’s life.

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