Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Abba by Richard and Eve Rosen

About the book: 

You cannot get a better advice giver than the Divine Presence within each of us. He answers our musings, questions, and angst according to how we best “hear” him. Hearing the divine voice within our mind is a more direct method, one by which the answers in this book were transmitted. You’ll read of answers to life’s challenges, such as:

Choosing my life partner
Should I remain single?
Afraid to speak at a club
Divorce the bum
Guilty over abortion
Enough advice already!        
Arranged marriages
Stressed out
Ready to leave; is it wrong?

About the Authors

Richard and Eve have spent a lifetime learning and living the life God intends for them. Their focus has been to align their wills with that of God, the indwelling spirit. From that all else follows.
Richard is a writer and teacher of the spiritual life. Together they freely counsel in areas of relationship, household finances, health, spiritual living––and whatever else may be needful.

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