Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The award-winning documentary film, “Louder than a Bomb” will be shown at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 18, free at City Island Library to celebrate the start of the Volusia County Young Poets Mentoring Program. The film traces high school poets who prepare and compete in poetry slam competitions.

The event will be hosted Volusia County Poet Laureate, Dr. David B. Axelrod, who has fund raised to coordinate the Mentoring Program. Students—ages 14 to 20—will be paired with established poets who will help them write, revise and collect together a group of poems. The results will be performance opportunities, anthology publication, and even the chance for the free publication of a first book.

“Many people think of poetry as a bit like plain popcorn—bland at best,” says Dr. Axelrod. “When people view ‘Louder than a Bomb,’ poetry is more like the new snack-food craze, Takis—pretty hot.” It’s not that young poets all want to slam, Axelrod explains, but the program will encourage experimentation and individual creativity.  

There will be an open mic to read poems after the film. Mentoring will be done on line—at the convenience of the students and mentors. There are no set times though it is also hoped that students and mentors can meet for workshops as well.

The event will provide details about the Mentoring Program as well as a chance to sign up. Young poets can fill in a form to apply and asked to bring copies of three poems to submit that will help place them with a mentor. City Island Library is located at 105 E. Magnolia Avenue, Daytona Beach. For more details, go to www.volusiapoetlaureate.com, email axelrod@volusiapoetlaureate.com, or call Dr. Axelrod at 386-337-4567.

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