Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yesterday's Tomorrow by G. W. Pomichter

Author and journalist G.W. Pomichter, the host of the Hangin With Web Show and creator of The Lucky Marks Mystery novels, has released his latest book, Yesterday’s Tomorrow.  This near future speculative fiction thriller is a collaboration with friend William DuPree, and ponders some timely “what-ifs.”

“We had so much fun and learned so much researching this book,” Pomichter said.  “It was quite a journey and one that we hope will help our readers suspend disbelief and ask themselves some tough and even uncomfortable questions.”

The book is set in a near future where a nuclear attack and subsequent electro-magnetic-pulse render the U.S. power grid inoperable along the East Coast of the country from Maine to Miami and as far West as the Mississippi River.  The story follows two families, both spread out throughout the country and , in fact, the world when these critical disasters occur.  

“We ask the question, quite simply, ‘What would you do,’” Pomichter said.  “We outline the how and why and give you a story to follow, but within the context of this new reality, the heart of the book is about how human beings interact, how we communicate and how we survive.  It is about you.  It is about asking the question, 'could I survive?’ or ‘Could I rebuild.””

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