Thursday, August 25, 2016

Strike Three by Joy V. Smith

Strike Three
Joy V. Smith
WolfSinger Publications
P.O. Box 31036
Colorado Springs, CO 80931
ISBN/EAN13:   1936099659 / 9781936099658
$4.95 (ebook) and $12.95 (paperback)
161 pages
June 26, 2014
Strike Three is a post-apocalyptic novel:
Because of the "hot virus," the devastation of WWIII is more horrible than the worse case scenario, and missiles fired in retaliation gave new meaning to "scorched earth."
Can a new world move beyond the losses, mistakes, and regrets?
Joy V. Smith has been writing since she was a little kid; she loved to read, and she wanted to create her own books, so she did, complete with covers.  Now she writes fiction--her favorite genre is science fiction--and non-fiction.  Her short stories have been published in print magazines, webzines, anthologies, and two audiobooks, including Sugar Time.  
Her books include fiction and non-fiction and two collections of her published short stories: The Doorway and Other Stories and Aliens, Animals, and Adventure.  She lives in Florida with Blizzard the Snow Princess and Pemberley, the tortoiseshell cat.

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