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Detour Trail by Joy V Smith

Joy V. Smith
Detour Trail
Melange Books, LLC
2338 Jansen Ave.
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
February 25, 2013
$12.95 (print); $5.99 (ebook)
138 pp
Detour Trail: A Historical Novel About the Intrepid Men and Women Who Settled America's Western Frontier
Joy V. Smith, better known for her science fiction adventures, has written a western novel, Detour Trail, a story of adventure and romance along the Oregon Trail. 
    Westward bound on the Oregon Trail, Lorena Emerson is alone after her 
uncle is killed by a thief trying to steal his money belt. Ignoring the wagon 
master's advice to go home, she rounds up others needing help, and they 
join a later wagon train and are soon slogging through dust and mud and 
steep mountain passes. It's a long way to Oregon, and because another 
woman needs her help, Lorrie again goes her own way, leaving the wagon 
train and the Oregon Trail to travel onward—off the beaten path—with her 
small group of wagons. She's helped by members of her wagon train, people
she meets along the way, and the mule, Jake, an integral part of the story.
You'll meet them as they join in her travels and encounters with enemies 
and as she searches for a new home and supplies as winter reaches out its 
icy hands.... Settling the frontier isn't easy!

Detour Trail is available from Melange Books, the publisher--and online.

Joy V. Smith
About the Author

Joy V. Smith has been writing stories since she was a kid.  Her stories and 
articles have been published in print magazines, ezines, and anthologies; 
and her SF has been published in two audiobooks, including Sugar Time.  
Her books include Building a Cool House for Hot Times without Scorching 
the Pocketbook, a collection of her published short stories, Aliens, Animals, 
and Adventure; a children's book, Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?; and 
six e-books: Hidebound (SF romance/adventure), Pretty Pink Planet (SF),  
Hot Yellow Planet (the sequel), The Doorway and Other Stories (SF and 
fantasy), Detour Trail (western novel), and Remodelling: Buying and 
Updating a Foreclosure.  Detour Trail is also available in print (Lulu).  
She lives in Florida with Blizzard the Snow Princess and Pemberley, the 
tortoiseshell cat.

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