Monday, August 22, 2016

Book News - Nautical Twilight by I. Jean Pastula, PhD

'Nautical Twilight', The Sea Of souls, where the silent bell doth toll is the title of I. Jean Pastula's new book. It is published by It is a compilation; Reference excerpts from the files of myself. It is published by Author House. Many of her  books are considered fiction, however, contain non-fiction research and personal drama like bits of a memoir. Writing also under her first name, Ima and a pseudenome of C. C. Cotton, her books can be found on

As adjunct faculty professor at a local college in Andover, Maryland, before retirement, Pastula  taught 'Writing From the Heart'; courses in using the imagination to complete a story. She also spent many semesters conducting seminar type courses in personal dynamics;' a search for the true self through self-analyses techniques of journal writing and hypnotherapy.

Pastula is also an artist who studied under many master artists. She is an active copyist of the old masters of oil paintings. She founded Amber Studios within the Hennegar Center  in Melbourne, Florida, after settling in Florida upon retirement.

Her latest book on Kindleis  Here's To Harry, The once was. It is now available as an in loan'category meaning when you finish the read you can loan it to a friend, a special offer.

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