Tuesday, July 26, 2016

James the Just, Brother of Jesus by George L Fouke Ph.D.

By George L. Fouke,  Ph.D.

Actual and fictional characters tell the true story of James the Just, leader of the Jerusalem Jesus Movement after Peter. Professor Fouke gives authoritative insight into the historical and political realities that confronted both Jesus and James in establishing Christianity. 

Ananus ben Annas, the new High Priest, has arrested James the Just, brother of Jesus and leader of the Jerusalem Jesus Movement, along with six of his church leaders.

James knows the blood feud between the Annas clan and Jesus’ family has resumed. They were responsible for the death of Jesus and James fears he’ll be next to die.
Rumors about the prisoner’s fate swirl through Jerusalem. The aristocracy plots to protect their accommodation with the Romans. Rabbis seek answers and ways to save James from trial and death. The Sanhedrin meets in secrecy and the High Priest decides the fate of the prisoners. 
Leah, grand-niece of James the Just, ministers to her uncle in prison and works tirelessly to obtain his freedom. Through the intercession of Aaron, a young rabbi enamored with her, King Agrippa has promised to remove Ananus from office. But will he arrive in time to free the Holy Seven, as James and his followers are now known? 
Will Leah return Aaron’s affections or will she choose Philip, nephew of the Apostle Paul, to whom she was once secretly betrothed? Or will she choose neither and follow the ministry of her grand-uncles Jesus and James? 
Over a period of ten years, Dr. Fouke read or consulted more than two hundred books and journals on the period covered in his historical novel, James the Just, Brother of Jesus. 
Available on Amazon.com as a Kindle ($5.99) and Paperback ($19.99)

The Country Rabbi and the City Rabbi
By George L. Fouke, Ph.D.

A humorous, spirited debate about the meaning of life, faith, worship, cultures, and death in ancient Judea between two wandering storytellers, one a somber city rabbi, the other a laid-back country rabbi.

A companion book to Professor Fouke’s James the Just, Brother of Jesus.

Available on Amazon.com as a Kindle (99 cents) and Paperback ($6.49)

About the Author

Dr. Fouke was raised in six foster homes but found opportunity at every turn in America. After earning degrees, he taught interdisciplinary studies and became Chairman of the Department of Politics at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, North Carolina. Dr. Fouke lives in Florida with his wife Dot near grand and great-grandchildren. He is currently preparing a memoir for publication.
Visit his website to learn more: www.georgelfouke.com 

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(a supplemental book to James the Just, Brother of Jesus)

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