Saturday, June 4, 2016

Holly Fox Vellekoop Publishes Her Third Novel Set in Danville

            Holly Fox Vellekoop announces the publication of her eighth book Jon Boat Death which is her third novel in the Murder Along the River series, set in her hometown of Danville, PA. This follows her first novel STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River published by Avalon Books a division of Thomas Bouregy Publishers of NYC, and second novel Teen Lovers: Murder Along the River.

            Jon Boat Death: Murder Along the River follows the fictional story of a drowning victim in the Susquehanna River. The reader witnesses the terrible watery accident of teenager Dwight Temple while he is on the river with friends in their jon boat. Through the pages of the novel, the reader discovers that things are not what they seem. Secrets and lies and twisted viewpoints obscure the truth of Dwight's tragic story, as is so often true of myths, folklore and just plain gossip in real life.

            In Jon Boat Death, protagonist State Police Detective Thomas Sheski, as in the first two novels,  is called upon to lead an investigation to solve the mystery of a body discovered in an abandoned coal mine on Montour Ridge by a horse riding club.  The body with its clues, leads back to drowning victim Dwight.

            Much of the story reflects Holly's memories of life in Danville including her almost drowning in the river when she was five years old. That near-death experience led Holly to use it as the core of her third mystery. Surrounding communities of the lovely town of Riverside and as far away as Centralia's smoky landscape where the mystery is finally solved, are featured settings of the novel. Those familiar with these towns will recognize the locales and landmarks visited along the way. 

            As with all of Holly's books and writings, the theme of John Boat Death is "Things are rarely what they seem." Holly has found this to be true in life and because of its impact on her worldview, she carries
it through everything she writes. Holly has finished her fourth and final Murder Along the River novel and it
carries the theme heavily. The last Murder Along the River novel is due to be published some time in 2017.

            Holly is a 1965 graduate of Danville High School and has a Master of Science Degree in Nursing. The daughter of the late Eleanore and Edward Aten, she has fond memories of growing up in Danville and those who touched her life while there. Holly lives in Florida with her husband Dr. Ronald Vellekoop where she is a founding member of Authors For Authors, a group which sponsors two authors' book fairs a year.
 Jon Boat Death can be purchased at in paperback and for the Kindle.

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