Sunday, May 22, 2016

Local Horror Writer Shares 13 Signs That You Might Be Watching Too Much of ‘The Walking Dead’ and a Novel to Hold You over Until Season 7 Starts

Local horror writer Kate Wars knows exactly how thin the line between healthy love and utter obsession is for “The Walking Dead” fans, because she treads it too. After binge-watching a couple of seasons in a single weekend, Wars noticed that her beloved show had begun to spill over into her real life. She
devised a humorous way for fans to determine if their behaviors were cause for concern or perfectly normal in a non-apocalyptic environment.

Late one night, Wars finished watching a marathon of “The Walking Dead” and noticed that she was on high alert as she took the trash out, even though there has never been a zombie sighting in her neighborhood, not even on Halloween. She felt like she should do a perimeter check, even though she didn’t know how to properly conduct one. This experience became the first of “13 Signs That You Might Be Watching Too Much of ‘The Walking Dead,’” which she composed to bring humor to the fact that the series resonates with zombie enthusiasts in a way few other television shows can.

Wars also understands the other major issue that fans of the incredibly popular series experience, which is the downright grueling lag time between each season. To help viewers fill the void, Wars penned “Catalyst: Decay Chains,” which offers readers something most other dystopian books skip right over. Wars’ novel allows readers to experience the days leading up to the zombie apocalypse in graphic detail.

“So many movies and books about zombies skim right over the actual outbreak and start after the human race has been decimated,” Wars said. “They often begin with the main character waking up in a hospital bed, and I can’t understand why. To me, that is the best part. Catalyst: Decay Chains is all about the rapid breakdown of society, the acts of heroism that try to prevent the inevitable, and the missteps and utter failures that make it an absolute certainty. It’s a great read to get someone through the gap between seasons of “The Walking Dead.”

Catalyst: Decay Chains released on May 5, 2016. All formats of the
dystopian novel are available for purchase on Amazon and Wars’ website.
The audiobook version will follow in a few weeks.
 Prior to penning Catalyst: Decay Chains, Wars published a number of
short horror stories, including a zombie origin myth, which also fills a
literary void.

“I noticed that all the other classic monsters had origin myths, but
zombies were coming up a bit short on that front,” Wars said. “It was a
shame really, because there is so much lore about them that would make
for such a rich tale. It absolutely had to be written.”

About Kate Wars

Wars’ popular stories have been published by Haunted Waters Press,
Spark: A Creative Anthology, The First Line and a number of other
publications. Her background as a reporter adds a rich layer to her
fictional works and aids her in conducting thorough research for the
military and police sequences that play out in her stories. Wars is
currently working on a sequel to “Catalyst: Decay Chains” and a horror
novel based off of one of her most popular short stories, “Free Bodies.”
The latter centers on a man with a rather unusual job that forces him to
walk a tightrope between the living and the dead.

For more information about Kate Wars’ novel Catalyst: Decay Chains or
to invite her to share her list of “13 Signs That You Have Been Watching
Too Much of ‘The Walking Dead’” with your audience, please contact
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