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Writer's Atelier Presents the First Five Pages with NYT Bestselling Author, Anna Banks!

Class starts May 16, 2016!
Class Description
The first five pages of your book are arguably the most important. When submitting to agents, this is usually what they request along with the query letter. This is your audition, your chance to get that agent to request your entire novel. In a bookstore, the first five pages are often what sell the book. After the potential buyer has seen the cover, picked it up and read the flap copy, he or she will inevitably read the first few pages of your novel. You could make or break a sale with these alone. You’re in steep competition with others in the slush pile and others on the shelves at the bookstore—it has never been more important to grip your reader from the get-go!
What This Class Offers
Taught by New York Times bestselling author Anna Banks, this class offers an in-depth look at what your first five pages—and your query letter—should be, and what it should not. You’ll receive homework assignments based on the curriculum and graded by Anna. After you’ve completed the course and are able to put your new knowledge to use, you’ll receive a critique of your now-polished first five pages and query letter by Anna. Additionally, you’ll have access to weekly opportunities to ask her questions as the course progresses, and incentives and prizes to accomplish your very best work.

Lesson Plan:

Week 1: Slay Your Reader With The First Sentence
An introduction to the course, easing the writer into the first five pages by nailing the very first sentence, setting the tone for the rest of your novel. 

Week 2: Start Where the Action Does—But in the Right Way
We are all taught to start where the action does in the book—but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. We will discuss both in this lesson. 

Week 3: Avoid the “Workshop Plague”
In-depth feedback from literary agents on the dreaded “Workshop Plague” and how to avoid it. This lesson will cover editing and revising techniques for your entire manuscript, and resources for more information.
Week 4: Query With Your Voice—Not With Your Heart
An extensive look at query letters and what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your query sell your book for you.
When: This class will run from May 16, 2016 – June 12, 2016
Where: Online
Cost: $199 

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About Anna Banks:

Anna Banks is a New York Times bestselling author of The Syrena Legacy series. Her writing accomplishments include four published young adult novels through a major publisher with several more under contract, two adult novels, and many short stories. When querying agents with her debut novel Of Poseidon, she received many requests for more material, and four offers of representation. Her debut novel sold within two weeks of being on submission
Anna lives in Crestview, Florida with her husband and daughter. Her writer’s cat is a wiener dog named Puckle Doo. She drinks coffee until it’s acceptable to drink wine, and she never met a pair of high heels she could actually walk in.

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