Sunday, March 20, 2016

Yesterday's Tomorrow by G.W. Pomichter and co-author William DuPree -- Lend a hand...

Author, journalist and web talk show host G.W. Pomichter with C0-Author William DuPree announced that their latest project, a novel titled Yesterday’s Tomorrow, will compete for an Amazon Publishing contract through the new Kindle Scout program.

The Kindle Scout program is a reader driven selection process that help Amazon determine the best projects to which to offer a 5-year e-book and audio book contract.  If selected, the book will be published in these formats exclusively through Amazon, while the authors will retain the paperback rights and will be allowed to release a paperback through Pomichter’s small press Lexicon Communication Company, which also owns the popular Hangin With Web Show.

“I would like to ask for your help,” Pomichter wrote in a press release to the Florida Book News.  “We need to secure as many nominations as possible if we are going to succeed.”  

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, is ready to be published, and a Kindle Scout campaign page has been set up to gather reader input on the project.

“We have chosen to publish this book through Amazon Publishing, using the Kindle Scout program for the unique experience that realy gives readers a chance to weigh in on what they want to read,” DuPree said.  “If selected, Yesterday’s Tomorrow will receive a 5-year Amazon Publishing contract, and we will be able to bring this book to a larger audience.” 

The two Florida authors are asking for help. 

“Since first publishing, we have met and befriended so many indie, hybrid and traditional authors and so many readers and fans,” said Pomichter.  “Now, we need them all to be a part of this process.” 

Please Go to the link and support this project by nominating it for publication:

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G.W. Pomichter said...

Thanks for the great mention! We are so proud to support the Florida Book News!