Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dear Daughter: Father’s Heartfelt Memoir Sends Message of Love and Redemption to Estranged Daughter

Written from the heart and life experiences of Bernie Donnelly, ‘Dear Daughter’ is a candid and raw message from the author to his abandoned children; an explanation as to why he left and why, before he could ever reach out to them, he first had to cut to the core of his being to discover what the truth really was. In a unique cocktail of poignancy and wit, the author proves that hope exists among estranged parents and children, as long as one person is willing to reach back out…

A true story, written by a father to his abandoned children. Its poignant and humorous, and comes to an unexpected conclusion.

Dear Daughter will surprise the young and intrigue the adult with its tale of loss and redemption. Its story revolves around the author’s attempts to explain to his estranged daughter why he had abandoned her. She had requested him to tell her the truth, but he needed to find it first.

It’s a life that no father would ever dare tell his daughter, unless she was an absolute stranger. The author takes the reader on a journey through his life molded by his family and the many nonarchetypal Dublin characters who ensured that the promise he’d made to himself as an eighteen-yearold
would come true. Dear Daughter is an entertaining and exciting story of how one person coped with a number of unique challenges - from hoping to earn his daughter’s forgiveness and wrestling with the pitfalls of a career in business to dealing with a looming corporate takeover. His three encounters with death, combined with his candid and comedic thoughts of murder and suicide, guarantee that no reader will be bored.

About the Author:
Bernie Donnelly was born in Dublin in 1953. He formed his own software company at the age of twenty nine and had operations in Ireland, England and India. Following the sale of his business in 1999, he spent some years in Portugal, and in 2008 he emigrated to the U.S.A., arriving in Sarasota, Florida, where he remains to this day. He became a U.S. citizen in 2014.

Bernie has five children and one step child. Dear Daughter is his first book, and plans are afoot to release a second volume.

He is a qualified C.P.A. and a venture capitalist. He is an avid reader of biographies and history and has travelled substantially.
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