Friday, March 25, 2016

Amazing Grace by Valerie Allen

For those who enjoy reading electronically, Valerie Allen's novel, Amazing Grace, is on sale on Kindle from March 25 through March 27, 2016. 
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Amazing Grace 
a Psychological Thriller by Valerie Allen

Teenager, Sarah Hillock, has decided that death is a better alternative than life. She has attempted suicide and is determined to try again. Psychologist, Allyson Freemont, and Detective Ernie Blackwell, try to understand what has happened in this girl's life to set her on a path of self-destruction. They soon learn her father, Alex Hillock, disappeared nine years ago, under questionable circumstances. Now his wife, Grace, is contacted by an attorney from Ft. Lauderdale with startling information about Alex and life takes a bad turn for all involved. Against the advice of friends and family, Grace takes her two children and leaves the safety of the rural Florida home they share with her mother. 

Grace is a simple woman, struggling as a single parent to raise her two high-needs children. She has ignored years of questions and gossip about Alex's disappearance. Grace believes in her husband. She believes in love everlasting. Grace is desperate to pursue this new information about what happened to her beloved husband. While assessing Sarah Hillock, Allyson Freemont begins to untangle the web of love and lies and comes to understand the reason behind the disappearance of Alex Hillock.

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