Thursday, February 18, 2016


Note program change: Jazz singer, Lorale, will be replaced by Sitarick, Rick DeYampert, who will feature some of his own compositions.  There will be a special, cameo performance by Alethia GG Dupree. Changes have been made in the press release below.
PRESS RELEASE, pasted below and attached for your convenience.


It’s not the play Avenue Q, but it is a bit like an adult Sesame Street on Wednesday, March 2, when the letter “P” will be most prominent. The Dan Pels Poetry Show will feature professional, published poets Joseph Cavanaugh, President of the Florida State Poets Association (FSPA), and Joe Snyder, a performance poet from Cocoa Beach.

The event, made possible in part by a grant from the Cultural Council of Volusia County and Mike L. Mullins Construction, is hosted by Parisian-born poetDan Pels and includes a performance by Sitarick, Rick DeYampert, a popular and powerful player of the exotic sitar.

“For those who know alliteration, the letter “P” has already appeared twenty-six times in this article, and we’ve only started,” says Pels, who is schooled in surrealism and provides a good dose of humor as part of with his monthly shows.

Joe Cavanaugh is the author of three full books of poetry, most recent of which is Love Happens: A Target on My Chest. He also has a poetry musical CD and a chapbook. Under his tenure, the FSPA has helped appoint the State’s official Poet Laureate, hosted a national poetry conference, and increased membership numbers dramatically.

Joe Snyder invented The Collective Word open mic and slam programs in Cocoa Beach which are also moving into the Melbourne area. Joe is also a competitor on a national slam team. There will also be a special cameo performance by Alethia GG Dupree, a national slam team competitor, a veteran of Individual World Poetry Slams and a “battle rapper” with Joshua Carrasco's Madd Illz.

The evening is sponsored by the Creative Happiness Institute, and is open to the public, free. Pels’ show is held from 7 to 9 p.m. at Wine-Me, 204 South Beach Street, Daytona Beach, where offers a wide selection of the world’s wines are offered, starting at $4 per glass. For more information about the Dan Pels Poetry Show, call 386-846-7966. To contact the store, call 386-871-7769.

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