Friday, January 8, 2016

Moon Trail by Deborah A. Allen

The 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing is now less than four years away.
 Florida author Deborah A. Allen brings to life the excitement of the Space Race for a new generation in her middle-grade novel, Moon Trail, released by Black Rose Writing in June 2015.  The novel, set in 1965, tells the story of ten-year-old Florida transplant Betsy Gordon, whose father has been hired at the Kennedy Space Center. Initially reluctant about the move, Betsy soon finds herself caught up in the adventure of the Moon race.
On one level, Moon Trail is a universal growing-up story -- the protagonist adjusts to a new environment, makes new friends, and battles the class bully -- but its singular setting provides a unique backdrop to common childhood themes.
Those "space brats" -- the kids who grew up in Brevard County two generations ago -- enjoyed an unparalleled view of the race to the Moon.  While all other American children watched the events of the Space Race unfold on their television sets, Space Coast children lived the adventure from their own backyards.  This novel is one of the few for young readers detailing the story of those amazing days from the viewpoint of its youngest participants.
 Woven throughout with factual information about the space program and featuring a cameo appearance by one of the Original Seven astronauts, Moon Trail offers scientific and historic information within the framework of an engaging storyline.  In writing the novel, the author drew upon her own experience of growing up in Brevard County when her father was a chief engineer for North American Rockwell, assigned to the Apollo program.
The novel boasts its own kid-friendly website -- -- providing readers with additional background information about the space program, as well as other components of the narrative.
Moon Trail is the author's second published novel.  Her first, The Swinging Door, a novel for adults, was released by Black Rose Writing in 2014.  Moon Trail is available in paperback and on Kindle from as well as directly from the publisher.

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